Shaking the cobwebs off a UFO

Of all the things I choose to stitch tonight, I had to choose a project that became my first ever UFO. This project was started approx 1992 – called Nature’s Resting Place by Stoney Creek Designs. This was the first attempt I ever made at stitching on an evenweave fabric (I’d only stitched on aida before that) – and this project was in fact one of the first I’d ever stitched at all! It’s funny as I look at it now, that I realise how inexperienced I was at the time I started stitching it. There are shocking hoop marks and stains on the fabric, along with a couple of rust marks where previous needles had been left in place – and I’d started stitching by the wrong thread (although at the time, I didn’t realise there was any difference). At least all the stitches are going in the right direction!
The reason this became a UFO was that I only realised 2/3 into the stitching that the entire top 1/4-1/3 was supposed to be stitched with only 1 thread – whereas I had stitched the entire lot of XS with 2 strands … I felt so disheartened, I packed it away and didn’t touch it again … until now …

I’ve since decided that I need to put this piece to rest – it’s not something that will ever grace my walls, and I really don’t know what I’ll do with it afterwards, but I just want to get it finished. I think I’ll have to redesign my rotation to fit this into the list. My new thoughts are to have my rotation for October as follows:

  • Week 1 – Christmas SAL (StitchNZ)
  • Week 2 – Stoney Creek UFO
  • Week 3 – Mirabilia SAL (StitchNZ – Winter Queen)
  • Week 4 – Dolphins XS

I also think I’ll have Friday nights as ‘Friday Finishing’ night – where I put together those pincushions that are ready for stuffing, and the needlebooks that are ready to be put together, as well as the needleroll that just needs to be stitched together and stuffed. My goal is to have all of my pincushions at least completed by Christmas – the cords are all made, they just have to be hand-stitched together.

2 thoughts on “Shaking the cobwebs off a UFO”

  1. Hi Anne,
    Well done with all your finishes! They are all terrific, and I look forward to seeing more finishes soon! You inspire me to pull out all the UFO’s that I have lurking around! Slowly they are getting finished, as well as my quilting UFO’s!

  2. Once it is finished, perhaps you may find someone in your family that will like it? Or maybe you could donate it to the local nursing home or something?? I donated a lot of stuff to my neighbour who runs the womens association with her church. they make things to sell at their stalls to raise money. A few ladies in the group took on my ufo’s and kits I didn’t want, competed them, made them into cushions and sold them. Suited me perfectly ,and now I don’t have the guilt of those Ufo’s 🙂

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