The blossoms are out

I don’t what it is about today, but I felt really positive driving to work – I took time to notice the blossoms sprouting in the trees, and yet again thought to myself what a beautiful city Melbourne is. Those irrational complainers at work have also taken the hint, and eased off, and the world is good today!

I forgot to post that I purchased a small tuffet and matching scissor fob from the Guild exhibit the other day – I’m really keen to make one myself, and thought this would be a great example for me to follow, as well as providing an extra couple of dollars for the Guild’s pockets. It’s now resting comfortably in my cane basket, along with my other pincushions. I still have about 6 ready to be ‘stuffed’, so I look forward to filling that basket up even more when I start my Friday finishing nights.

I had to complete a dreadful task today … I’d been putting it off until it was absolutely necessary, but today I could put it off no longer. I went along to my local needlework store (since I’ve just moved suburbs, I have a new ‘local’) to buy some floba fabric that I needed for my soon-to-start Christmas SAL. I’m going to be stitching the stand-up Christmas tree in Mill Hill Treasured Christmas Trees chart:

The reason I’d been putting it off going to my LNS? … ‘cos I knew darned well that I wouldn’t be able to resist coming out with nothing else but what I went in for LOL. Yup, sure enough, a chart hopped into my hands without warning. Actually, my restraint was pretty good, as I really really wanted to buy one of the Mill Hill beaded tassel ornament kits too, but I held back. Instead I bought a chart called “A Cotton Case” by Patrick’s Woods. It’s not my usual style, but I’m going through a phase where I’m fascinated by the ‘smalls’ for stitching – especially pincushions, needlerolls etc. This one is unlikely to be stitched by me in its current colours, as I’m thinking of changing them to vibrant colours … not sure, though, as it might detract from the design. I also want to change the cotton pockets to something else – again, not sure what I’ll replace it with yet, but perhaps pockets for packets of needles or something. Anyway, it’ll be sitting in my stash for a rainy day when I feel like tackling it … I really must get some of my existing UFO’s finished first though!