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ABC Wednesday – H … and some stitching

Here is my choice for this week’s “ABC Wednesday” – brought to you by the Letter “H” … Hong Kong trams:

And this week’s “one I prepared earlier, stitchy/crafty content” is a Hardanger doily from a class I took in Auckland (unfortunately the shop is no longer in existence, for I spent many an hour and many a dollar in that shop!!):


And just because I can’t be bothered typing up a second post ‘cos I’m getting tired (I didn’t get home from work until almost 9pm tonight), here’s my latest stitching update … one of my Crazy January Challenge projects … I’m loving stitching this one – the only problem is that once it’s finished I’m going to get a serious urge to start another canvaswork one straightaway, so it’s going to take some willpower not to! 😉  Alas the photo is washed out due to dreary non-daylight lighting, but what the heck …

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Photo Hunt – Metal

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This week’s theme is “Metal” and here’s a metal sculpture from the Enchanted Maze Garden in Victoria:

metal 2

And my second choice is this metal urn at a temple in Hong Kong used for burning incense – I don’t know why, but I really love this photo, with just a faint hint of the incense smoke burning.

metal 1

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Photo Hunt – Cloud(s)

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This week’s theme is “Cloud(s)” and instead of hanging outside in all weathers trying to find some decent cloud shots, I’ve decided to choose a photo that wasn’t actually of the clouds, but a lighthouse, but where the sky and clouds really appealed to me when I uploaded it.  I’ve cropped the clouds out on their own … then followed with the original shot.

PH Clouds

PH Clouds 2

Also, here’s a shot looking back from the other side of the lighthouse.

PH Clouds 3

This is the lighthouse from Lighthouse Beach, Port Macquarie, NSW Australia.

And to finish, here’s a shot of the city’s night lights reflecting off the clouds of Hong Kong harbour – we got very used to seeing those clouds, in fact I don’t remember a blue sky at all during our visit!

clouds 1