ABC Wednesday – H … and some stitching

Here is my choice for this week’s “ABC Wednesday” – brought to you by the Letter “H” … Hong Kong trams:

And this week’s “one I prepared earlier, stitchy/crafty content” is a Hardanger doily from a class I took in Auckland (unfortunately the shop is no longer in existence, for I spent many an hour and many a dollar in that shop!!):


And just because I can’t be bothered typing up a second post ‘cos I’m getting tired (I didn’t get home from work until almost 9pm tonight), here’s my latest stitching update … one of my Crazy January Challenge projects … I’m loving stitching this one – the only problem is that once it’s finished I’m going to get a serious urge to start another canvaswork one straightaway, so it’s going to take some willpower not to! 😉  Alas the photo is washed out due to dreary non-daylight lighting, but what the heck …

4 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday – H … and some stitching

    • Hi Erica, the design is by From Nancy’s Needle – it’s called Lavender Blue Celtic Knot Quilt, and it’s a real pleasure to stitch 🙂

  1. Well done on the hardanger doily! You know how much I love hardanger; it’s just so lovely when executed well. And yours is smashing!

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