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Weekly Update

Another week has gone by, and not much stitching has been completed in that time – the only thing I’ve been working on this week has been my Halloween Fairy with a few more stitches put in Mon-Thu this week.  I’ve made OK progress on this one, but it’ll be a few weeks yet before she’s finished (not just stitching-wise, but I realised I’m missing two Kreinik braids which I’ve had to order and wait because they’re out of stock – I had a store credit to use up with Needle in a Haystack, so I decided to put it to good use with my braids).  I have to admit I’m enjoying stitching her with her decent sized blocks of colour 🙂

The only other news is that my Scissor Pocket Exchange arrived safely at its destination during the week, and thankfully Lillie likes it, which is the important thing 🙂  It was supposed to be a no-extras exchange (love those exchanges), but I couldn’t resist adding a little pair of scissors that I’d bought at the last craft fair we went to, which I used as my basis to choose a thread from my stash to match.  I didn’t think to take a photo of the inside flap, where I stitched both our initials, so I’ve borrowed one of Lillie’s photos (hope she doesn’t mind).

The Cat's Whiskers-Alyssum 2007 Ltd Ed Scissor Pocket exchange
“Alyssum 2007 Ltd Ed Scissor Pocket” by The Cat’s Whiskers
stitched on 32ct Bo-Beep Pink Belfast linen
with Needle Necessities thread 196

The Cat's Whiskers-Alyssum 2007 Ltd Ed Scissor Pocket exchange

Rightio, time to head off and do something – I need to kit up a Lizzie*Kate Welcome Baby sampler for a colleague’s new daughter, and find a Halloween cape in the depths of the garage for an upcoming fancy dress party for Katie, as well as head out to a shopping mall to actually find a top to wear tonight!

Cross Stitch, Finishes, scissor pockets, Stitching Smalls, The Cat's Whiskers

Alyssum Scissor Pocket

My stitching mojo seems to have deserted me over the last week or so (in fact every kind of mojo has, I think, including my blogging mojo) – I’ve been too tired to do much at all, but I forced myself to put the needle to fabric yesterday and put the finishing touches into my scissor pocket.

Alyssum scissor pocket front

Alyssum scissor pocket back

Alyssum scissor pocket inside
“Alyssum Scissor Pocket” by The Cat’s Whiskers
Stitched on 32ct Blue Ice hand-dyed linen by Country Stitch
using Dinky Dyes silk from the kit

I have to say I think the silk colour is a strange choice for these scissors, as there is more turquoise blue than the greeney-blue of this silk – I was actually tempted to replace the silk, but then I thought it would be a waste of money, so I just bit the bullet and started stitching …  It may not be the perfect match for the scissors, but I still really love it 🙂

I also made a start on this month’s Christmas ornie late last night, but I may not get it finished by the deadline of Thursday – will give it a go, though.

Just a short post, as I need to finish getting ready for work.