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WIPocalypse – Jan 2020

Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!

About me

I’m in my 50s and work full-time as a web publisher for an airline. I currently live in Sydney, Australia, which I’ve started to love thanks to having a great friendship network with fellow stitchers, but my home will probably always be Auckland, New Zealand where I grew up and spent most of my life.

I’ve dabbled in lots of crafts over the years, but cross stitch remains my one constant and which makes me the most relaxed at the end of a long work day. I love learning new things, so I like to dabble in specialty stitches and other techniques. I haven’t focused on this area of my crafts for a long time, though, so I’m hoping 2020 will be the year to kick-start my energy and enthusiasm for that again – I’m always happiest when I’m learning something new.

Goals for 2020

This year I’m kicking the year off with 56 craft WIPs/UFOs, which includes needlework and crochet projects. After last year’s pitiful efforts, I’m trying to learn from my mistakes and keep my goals simple (and hopefully achievable) this year.

  • Progress on 12 WIPs/UFOs (aiming for a different one each month)
  • Finish Quaker Diamonds
  • Finish Three Kings
  • Make progress on three canvaswork projects (WIPs or new starts)
  • Start a bed quilt
  • Make progress on a crochet blanket
  • Finish at least three projects from Crate Crochet
  • Finish at least one project from Crochet Society
  • Finish at least one project from KnitCrate
  • Complete 12 ornaments for Just Cross Stitch ornament SAL (Facebook)
  • Complete 12 ornaments for Hallowe’en ornie SAL
  • Finish-finish at least 12 items in my finishing pile
  • Stitch at least one charity quilt block
  • Finish and frame the Ronald McDonald charity stitching
  • Make some bat wraps and joey pouches for wildlife rescue
  • Sew an item of clothing
  • Make progress on/start at least three projects with specialty stitches or non-cross stitch techniques (eg stumpwork, hardanger, etc)
  • Start a HAED

I also intend starting a rotation again this year to keep me more focused. This year, though, I want to ensure I have a rotation slot or monthly time allocated to new starts for gifts – I have a number of projects I’ve been wanting to stitch as gifts for years now, so it’s time to start getting those stitched. I also want to ensure I give myself time to enjoy other pursuits and not just cross stitch and crochet.

And to kick off the year, here’s my list of current WIPs and their approx status (rounded up to the nearest 5%) – some of these I may scrap and start again, especially those at 5% for various reasons, and some may be offered up for rehoming. But for now, this is where they’re all at …

My WIPs – status @ 1 Jan 2020

DesignerProject NameMain type% Done
Ursula MichaelsRonald McDonald charityCross stitch95
Nora CorbettMia Mermaid (retreat project)Cross stitch85
CA WellsSailors ValentineCross stitch85
Teresa WentzlerEnglish Garden SamplerCross stitch80
CA WellsCottage EtuiCross stitch75
Rosewood ManorQuaker DiamondsCross stitch70
Stoney CreekNature’s Resting PlaceCross stitch70
Mediterranean Village sceneCross stitch70
Mill HillThree KingsCross stitch60
ChatelaineEgyptian Garden MandalaCross stitch60
CA WellsPyramid EtuiCross stitch50
Prairie SchoolerWhen Witches Go RidingCross stitch40
ByGone StitchesQuaker Christmas IICross stitch35
Teresa WentzlerNoah’s ArkCross stitch35
Shepherd’s BushFinch SongCross stitch20
Country ThreadsParisCross stitch20
Lorri BirminghamButterlies and Hearts needlerollCross stitch20
Just Cross StitchLe Jardin Silk SamplerCross stitch10
Anita DiamondQuaker Flowers strawberry emeryCross stitch5
Textile HeritageTopiary tree bookmarkCross stitch5
MirabiliaBluebeard’s Princess MirabellaCross stitch5
Martha SchmidtHussifCross stitch5
Lavender & LaceCeltic SummerCross stitch5
CCNThe Tea RoomCross stitch5
Drawn ThreadAlmost HalloweenCross stitch5
Marg LowMake a Christmas WishNon-XS90
Monica HuntHussifNon-XS90
Cindy ValentineApricot EleganceNon-XS65
Berry Delightful BagNon-XS60
Wool hot water bottle coverNon-XS50
Inspirations Summer fruits pincushionNon-XS40
Inspirations Wool beehive needlebookNon-XS35
Moss CreekSchwalmwork PinkeepNon-XS25
Bullion rose faceclothNon-XS20
Goldwork peaNon-XS15
FMNISRachel’s RaspberriesNon-XS5
Long stitch frogsNon-XS5
Vicki’s cot quiltQuilting75
Jane NicholasStumpwork needlework accessory – thimble pipStumpwork80
Jane NicholasDragonflyStumpwork70
Jane NicholasHonesty and HeartseaseStumpwork70
Jane NicholasOriental PoppyStumpwork40
Jane NicholasPomegranates and BeetleStumpwork35
Beaded fishBeading50
Laura J PerinLahaina BreezesCanvaswork30
GCCOrnamental DelightsCanvaswork5
Crate CrochetBeginners beanie (box 6)Crochet95
LululovesGranny Square pincushionCrochet90
Hooked on SunshineAtlanticus blanketCrochet70
Maria’s Blue CrayonCoastal Indoor RugCrochet50
Crate CrochetCrate Crochet Hook RollCrochet50
Crate CrochetRipple ToteCrochet20
Crate CrochetC2C BagCrochet15
8-day kid blanket (blues)Crochet10
Teal-coloured beanieCrochet10
Hooked on SunshinePhoenix blanketCrochet5

Goal tracking

To help me keep track of progress this year, I’ve updated my monthly craft planner (all just done in Microsoft Word) and created a checklist of all my 2020 craft goals with space for me to write in any details. These are now all printed off and about to get hole-punched to go into a dedicated ringbinder. Other than being disorganised and lazy, I have no excuses now for not tracking my progress this year! 😉

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  1. Great lists. I think you’ve set some good goals for this year.
    Did you know Rachel has a SAL for Fully Finishing Objects? The link is on my blog. We post on the 10th of each month.
    I like the idea of listing your WIPs by percentage completed.

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