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2019 WIPocalypse year in review

This post is a summary of my progress over the year, along with how I went with my 2019 goals. Because of personal circumstances (major project at work meaning extra-long working hours, and Dad’s hospitalisation and then passing away meaning 3 1/2 months of carers/compassionate leave), my goals were far from met this year, but as long as I managed to get some craft time in during the year I still think of it as positive progress.

WIP start/finish stats (includes stitching, crochet, quilting):

54 = Number of WIPs/UFOs @ 1 January 2019 (yikes!)
– 6 = Number of WIPs/UFOs completed in 2019
+ 7 = Number of new WIPs added in 2019 (ie started in 2019 but not finished)
55 = WIPs/UFOs balance (oops – not my finest hour!)

WIP finishes:

The 6 WIPs I managed to finish in 2019 were:

  1. Glendon Place: City Sidewalks ornament (cross stitch)
  2. Elizabeth’s Designs: Ladybug (cross stitch)
  3. Nora Corbett: Mirabilia Retreat dragonfly (cross stitch)
  4. Marg Low: Hearts & Berries (embroidery and patchwork)
  5. Michelle Marvig: Travel Cord Buddy (patchwork)
  6. Simple ribbed beanie (crochet) (I can’t find the finished photo)

New starts in 2019:

Started and finished:

  1. Blue Ribbon Designs: Two Stags and a Star ornament (JCS ornie SAL)
  2. The Sweetheart Tree: Sweet Valentine
  3. Dimensions: Stacked Tea Cups
  4. Keslyn’s: Santa Hat & Boots ornament (JCS ornie SAL)
  5. Laura J Perin: Flying Geese canvaswork
  6. Knotted Tree NeedleArt: To All a Good Night ornament (JCS ornie SAL)
  7. Cherished Stitches: Christmas memories (JCS ornie SAL)
  8. Misty Hill Studio: Left Behind (JCS ornie SAL)
  9. Elsa in a heart (charity quilt block)
  10. Elsa with snowflakes (charity quilt block)
  11. Crate Crochet: Spontaneous Shawl
  12. Crate Crochet: Sweet Pea Mandala
  13. Crate Crochet: Whimsy scarf
  14. Dragon Dreams: What now? (JCS ornie SAL)
  15. Elizabeth’s Designs: Under the Sea
  16. Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery: Christmas morning goodies (JCS ornie SAL)
  17. JBW Designs: Noel 2018 (JCS ornie SAL)
  18. Leisure Arts, Big Book of Dishcloths: #32 dishcloth
  19. Leisure Arts, Big Book of Dischcloths: #70 dishcloth
  20. Rosewood Manor: The Heart of Christmas (JCS ornie SAL)

New starts that are still WIPs:

Out of all of the new starts I had in 2019, six remain as WIPs at the end of the year:

  1. Maria’s Blue Crayons: Coastal Indoor Rug
  2. Hooked on Sunshine: Phoenix blanket
  3. Laura J Perin: Lahaina Breezes
  4. Crate Crochet: Hook Roll
  5. Crate Crochet: Ripple Tote
  6. Drawn Thread: Almost Halloween
  7. Ronald McDonald house charity piece (just needs personalisation to be added at the bottom)

Other progress on WIPs:

While I didn’t manage to get these projects finished this year, I did manage a bit of progress – not sure they’ll be finished in 2020 either, but I’ll eventually keep chipping away at them slowly but surely.

2019 Goals – Review

Cross stitch and embroidery

Cross stitch WIPs:

  1. X FAIL  Quaker Diamonds by Rosewood Manor – I’d love to finish this one – Update: I didn’t finish this one, although I did make a tiny bit of progress.
  2. X FAIL  Egyptian Garden Mandala by Chatelaine – Entirely finish the stitching of at least one full corner (ie one full page of the chart) – This was a major fail because I decided to scrap it and start all over again on different fabric.
  3. X FAIL  Red Lace Sewing Case by The Drawn Thread – add the felt/beads and do the finishing … and finally gift it to the intended recipient. Update: not touched.
  4. √ DONE  Three Kings by Mill Hill/Jim Shore – finish the three kings in the centre
  5. √ DONE  Quaker Christmas II by ByGone Stitches – finish the Let There be Peace on Earth motif in the centre
  6. X FAIL  Progress on at least three other WIPs/UFOs
  7. X IN PROGRESS  Ronald McDonald House charity XS – managed to stitch everything except for the personalisation for the retreat house. Now I’ve heard back from the NZ Head Office, I’ll complete this in January 2020.
  8. X FAIL  19 in 19 – Start a new HAED and stitch 19 colours on it – didn’t start one
  9. X FAIL  19 in 19 – 19 new starts. Update: I managed 18!
  10. X FAIL  19 in 19 – 19 finishes. Update: I managed 18!
  11. X FAIL  19 in 19 – some progress on 19 existing WIPs carried over from 2019. Update: I managed 4 :/
  12. √ DONE  Stitch a charity quilt block
  13. √ DONE  Stitch 12 Christmas ornaments

Other needlework WIPs:

  1. √ DONE  Travel Cord Buddy by Michelle Marvig – I’d like to finish putting this together
  2. √ DONE  Hearts & Berries by Marg Low – I’d like to finish putting this together
  3. X FAIL  Make a Christmas Wish by Marg Low – I’d like to finish putting this together and framed before Christmas
  4. X FAIL  Stumpwork – choose one old stumpwork UFO and make some progress
  5. X FAIL  Start a new project from Inspirations magazines
  6. X FAIL  Make some progress on one of the 2018 patchwork retreat projects


  1. X FAIL  Make a 1920s-style hat for the Napier Art Deco Festival
  2. √ DONE  Complete three crochet projects from “Crate Crochet”
  3. √ DONE  Start a shawl
  4. X FAIL  Finish my Atlanticus (mandala) blanket
  5. X FAIL  Restart my Spice of Life blanket
  6. X FAIL  Start a Briar Rose blanket
  7. X FAIL  Start a top (clothing)
  8. √ DONE  Start a crochet hook case
  9. X FAIL  Start a blanket for Brenda & Nigel
  10. X FAIL  Make a charity blanket for SPCA
  11. X FAIL  Start the Nuts About Squares CAL


  1. X FAIL  Make a small pincushion
  2. X FAIL  Start a queen-sized bed patchwork quilt for myself
  3. X FAIL  Start the Piece and Plenty BOM quilt
  4. X FAIL  Make a sewing machine cover
  5. X FAIL  Make a summer nightie
  6. X FAIL  Make a top (clothing)
  7. X FAIL  Choose three Pinterest projects to try (eg Project bags, Purses/pouches)


I think the two SALs that I did do only lasted 2-3 months for me – my intentions were good, but life just got in the way this year. Hopefully 2019 will be the year where I do much better!

  1. √ DONE  JCS Christmas Ornie Facebook SALyay, completed all 12 ornies, which is a record for me, I think!
  2. X IN PROGRESS  WIPocalypseI managed to post some months, but not all.
  3. X FAIL  Hallowe’en ornie SAL
  4. X FAIL  Gifted Gorgeousness
  5. X FAIL  Stitch from Stash on Facebook
  6. X FAIL  JK’s Groupies (AU/NZ) on Facebook – “19 in 19” (my choices are 19 new starts, 19 finishes, and use 19 colours in a project)
  7. X FAIL  JK’s Groupies (AU/NZ) on Facebook – monthly challenges

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  1. you did a wonderful job of getting things finished, far more than me – I lost my mojo when I had to pack up my stuff and move across country (California to KY/MI) and unpack. Wish I would have been half as productive as you were. Can’t wait to see your progress in 2020

  2. I was thinking that the JCS Ornie SAL was looking good for you! Great achievement there.
    Lots of progress on your larger projects too.

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