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WIPocalypse – June 2018

2018 WIPocalypseAnother month of very little stitching, but a fair bit of crochet happening. Now I have more crafts on the go, I’m struggling a bit to give each of them air time – perhaps I need a rotation that includes all my crafts, not just cross stitch? Hmmm…

This month I’ve managed to do a wee bit more work on Quaker Diamonds. I’d like to finish the bottom section of the design before I move on to something else, but in all honesty I’m finding this one a real chore to stitch, so I think I’m going to have to mix it up with something else inbetween – either doing actual finishing of some of my finished pieces or working through some smaller kitted up projects for a bit of variety. I do love the finished look of this one though, even though it’s a PITA to stitch 😉

This is how it looked in the last WIPocalypse post:


And how it looks now:

Quaker Diamonds by Rosewood Manor 24Jun2018


24 June – Tell us what you think the ideal stitching retreat would include.
For me the ideal one is where I’m learning something new, so having some sort of classes are a must. Also having a general room available for stitching or chatting throughout the entire retreat would be great (ie not just available during the day). Obviously having a retail section is also really loved, especially for items that are harder to find locally. Affordable accommodation at the same venue is definitely preferred too.


4 thoughts on “WIPocalypse – June 2018”

  1. Love your Quaker Diamond, I need to pull my Quaker design and work on it again. Your retreat sounds like fun too. Our group has done one the last two years, no retail therapy available, but we had the room for the whole day (we chose when to lock it up and go to our rooms) and had meals prepared for us to eat.

  2. Lovely progress on Quaker diamond. When I have an active knitting project on the go, I like to set aside a little time each day for my “secondary” craft, and save the evening for my “primary” craft.

  3. Lovely work on the Quaker. I like the idea of setting times of the day for different hobbies. The afternoon is for stitching and the evening is for blogging for me.

  4. You got a LOT done on that Quaker! The colors are so lovely, too.
    I, also, tend to have more than one crafty hobby, so yeah… I get to the cross stitch when I feel like it; unfortunately, I think I like it best when it’s cold.

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