Ronald McDonald House & Shepherd’s Bush WIP

In May I joined a Facebook group to stitch a design by Ursula Michaels – this is a special design for the Ronald McDonald Houses, and the aim is to have a stitched version of this in every RMD House around the world. As there was a house in Auckland, I managed to time it with a visit home for my Mum’s 80th birthday, and did the framing while I was there. The house loved it, so it’s great to see it was received well. It certainly felt good to be part of this great initiative, that’s for sure!

Charity piece for Ronald McDonald House, Auckland Hospital


Earlier in the year (March to be exact), I managed to put a few more stitches into Finch Song by Shepherd’s Bush. Sadly I don’t have a couple of the threads (I’m using a borrowed chart from a dear friend), so it won’t get finished in a hurry, but at least I made a bit of a dent into it for now. In truth I also don’t like how the flowers and sheep really blend into the grass thread colour either, so I’m pretty sure I’m going to rip out those colours and I’ll choose something more obvious – like giving the sheep a black face, and having purple flowers instead …


8 thoughts on “Ronald McDonald House & Shepherd’s Bush WIP”

  1. My sister has been very ill and in the hospital since April. My family benefitted from a Romald McDonaldhouse and I would like to stitch this. How can I find the pattern?

  2. Where can I find the Ronald McDonald pattern? I stayed at one earlier this year when a family member was in the hospital and I would live to stitch it for them. It is in Glen’s Falls NY.


    1. Hi Holly, the chart is only available through the Facebook group mentioned in my previous comment reply. If you join the group you can get the chart from there (it’s in the files section) – Fae is coordinating people to stitch one for all of the RMD houses, and I’m not sure if the Glen’s Falls NY is already covered, but she’d be best to advise on that. If not, I’m sure she’d love someone to pick that one up to stitch 🙂

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