Here We Go A-Haunting

Oops, it appears I wrote this post back on 26 March and forgot to add the photo and upload … oh well, months later here it is … I’ll upload my latest finishes in the coming days/weeks.


Yay, hot off the Qsnaps is my latest finish.  I’ve decided to tear myself away from my HAED for a wee while to try and get some of my smaller WIPs whipped into shape and tossed into the finishing pile.  First up was this little cutie, and I managed to put the final stitches into it just after midnight tonight … only to realise I’ve put the wee tombstone button on back to front and what I thought was just a squiggly design was actually the letters “RIP” – doh!  Oh well, it’s time for sleep for me now, I’ll fix up tomorrow!

Shepherd's Bush - Here We Go A-Haunting

“Here We Go A Haunting” kit by Shepherd’s Bush
stitched on kit fabric with kit threads
Started 3 January 2016 – Finished 26 March 2016

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