Last of the Crazy 7 starts

Oh my goodness I’ve had so much fun starting all these new projects, it’s been great – I almost wish I’d signed up for a crazy 15 somewhere (not sure if anyone is doing those anymore)! Oh well there are still a bunch of new starts yet to come so I’ll probably end up with lots more starts before the month is up!!  In the meantime here are the final two of my Crazy 7 starts:


5 thoughts on “Last of the Crazy 7 starts”

  1. Love your work. wish my eyes would let me do cross stitch.
    Could you please tell me how to add the bars you have on the side.
    I like your blog set out more than mine.
    It is so easy to read.

    Kathleen Mary

  2. Glad that you are enjoying the daily starts. I did the 31 last year, there’s a FB group for the 15 and for the 31 if you’re interested.

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