Back to work again

And along with going back to work means back to minimal stitching time again … but I’ve forced myself to keep up with my Crazy 7 starts and other SALs so far – it feels great, and I’m going to have some awesome projects to work on this year! 😀  My latest updates, of which there are very few stitches in each one are as follows:




Only two more projects of the Crazy 7 left to go, but still about 5-6 more SALs due before the end of the month – then I get to choose a couple of projects to focus on for a while … I wonder which ones will get stitched soon?  I’ve already got an inkling of at least one of the projects, as I didn’t want to put it down the day I was stitching it – but then again, I know I change my stitching mind like the weather, so I’ll wait and see how I feel at the end of all the new starts!  I can’t wait!! 😀

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