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Where did the time go … again?

Life got in the way yet again … what with some longer working hours with unexpected projects, and just a general malaise really.  I certainly haven’t been spending my time stitching, although I have a few random spurts of stitching activity every now and then.

So much for my big SAL plans, I ended up foregoing most of my plans as I missed the starting dates … some because I didn’t have the right fabric (my own fault for not checking earlier), and some just because I didn’t get my act together to start on the given date.  I could’ve told porkies and posted a piccie in the group later and pretended I’d started on time, but that’s just not me.  Anyway out of all the SAL plans I actually managed to start two of them (oops) … it’s good to give myself a little chuckle, if nothing else, so here’s my progress!

25 Sep – HAED SAL – Didn’t start because life got in the way, even though it was all kitted up and ready to go, I just had to cut out the fabric and overlock the edges … never mind, there’s a new SAL starting in 2016 that I’ve signed up for instead 🙂

3 Oct – Mill Hill SAL – YIPPEE, this one I actually managed to start!! It’s been my stitching project for the last 3 months – only one more colour of beads to go and I’ll have a finish, my last finish for the year.  I stitched “Cappuccino” as my choice of project in the end.  Here’s a very blurry photo of what it looked like a couple of days ago, just as the beads were starting to get added.  This has been my stitching project while staying with friends over Christmas and Boxing Days … it’s oh so close to being finished now! 😀


15 Oct – Holiday Ornaments Galore SAL – Yep, another other I didn’t get organised for in time … but another one that is starting up again in the New Year that I’ve signed up for yippee 🙂

20 Oct – ‘Tis the Season to be Challenged (any of the 4 elements) – Sadly I didn’t have a big enough piece of fabric to stitch Mirabilia’s Deco Spirits, which is what I had my heart set on, and I couldn’t decide on fabric for the alternative choice, Dragon Dreams’ elemental dragons … so this one was another epic fail for me.  Oh well, I’ll stitch them one day.

1 Nov – Brooke’s Books Advent Animal Freebies SAL – Another one where I just didn’t get my act together, so didn’t start.

5 Nov – Chatelaine SAL – I didn’t have anything kitted up in the end, and couldn’t afford to do so, so just gave this one up as a bad job – maybe next year I’ll be able to splurge on a kit or two from European XS so I can start a couple of these later next year.  I have a major birthday coming up in February, so I just might treat myself for my birthday if I can 😀

7 Nov – Rosewood Manor SAL – I had fabric ordered early for this one, but it got caught up at the Post Office with a mail mix-up – it’s still on my list to stitch this year, it just won’t be as part of a SAL.

12 Nov – L&L Celtic Ladies Series SAL – I flew to NZ for a holiday and forgot to kit this one up to take with me and start … but once again there’s another L&L SAL starting in the New Year, so I’ll have another attempt at starting her.

20 Nov – UFO SAL – As per the above, I wasn’t organised enough to take anything with me on holiday.

24 Nov – Christmas themed SAL – This one I managed to do, but keep forgetting to post a piccie in the group.  This is how it looked after a couple of stitching sessions:


The rest of my SALs are yet to take place in the New Year … and there are LOTS of stitching starts planned for 2016 … let’s just hope I can do better than I’ve done in the latter part of 2015!!  I have to say I noticed that the odd night that I stitched for a few minutes in the evenings I slept like a log afterwards, so I need to continue doing that this year – even just 20 stitches a night is better than nothing, I reckon, and it’ll get be back into a good stitching habit again 🙂

So, what’s the stitching plans for 2016 – well, I think I’ll put those into a separate post, so I can refer back to it when I need reminding!!


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  1. Wow, you have a lot of SALs! Too bad life got in the way so much, but I’m sure you’ll get back on track. 🙂

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