Upcoming SALs & design choices

This is more for my own benefit, to come back and remind myself of my choices for the SALs – these are the ones I need to whittle down once I work out what I can kit up and what needs extra items … I want to stitch from stash as much as possible, so that’s a big deciding factor for me.

25 September 2015 – Heaven and Earth Designs SAL:

This one is easy, as I’ve already started it, but nothing worth photographing yet.  My chosen design is QS Iris.
HAED - QS Iris

3 October 2015 – Mill Hill Kit SAL:

I hate stitching on perforated paper, so my design choices will be made if I have some alternative fabric to substitute for the paper.  So far I have two already kitted ready to go, so that’ll probably be the decision factor, especially as the SAL starts really really soon.  The kitted up ones are Cappuccino and Haunted Hotel.

15 October 2015 – Holiday Ornaments Galore SAL:

No need to add piccies here, I’ll just be dipping into my kit box and dragging out any ornies that already have the fabric ready to go 🙂

20 October 2015 – ‘Tis the Season to be Challenged SAL:

This one is to stitch anything related to the four elements (Water, Fire, Air, Earth).  Here my choices are either Deco Spirits by Mirabilia or a freebie series of dragons by Dragon Dreams.  I always thought I’d do the dragons as a round robin, but seeing as I haven’t done a round robin for a couple of years, I think I might as well just do them myself.

1 November 2015 – Brooke’s Books Advent Animal Freebies SAL:

Once again, no decisions on the charts as they’re defined in the SAL.  This should be a fun one – just need to make sure I’ve got enough of a fabric to stitch the whole set!

5 November 2015 – Chatelaine Designs SAL:

This is probably one of the two hardest SALs to choose for me – once again, though, it will probably come down to which design I have the most items for it kitted up.  I’m not too keen on starting another really big mandala until my Egyptian Garden Mandala has been finished, so I’m thinking one of the smaller designs may be wiser for this SAL … but never say never … High up on my list, though, are the castle banners, the Paris ones, and the Greek Mandala … not to mention the peacock mandala and beaded tiles … see what I mean, I want to stitch everything!!! 😉

7 November 2015 – Rosewood Manor SAL:

This one is easy, I’m going to be stitching Quaker Diamonds.  I’ve been trawling through my fabric stash, though, and can’t decide on a decent replacement fabric, so I’ve just put in an order to Picture This Plus fabrics to get a piece of the fabric that it was designed for.  Yes, it’ll turn out bigger than I originally wanted (I was going to use a smaller count and use less strands of thread), but I adore the look of the stitched model.

12 November 2015 – L&L Celtic Ladies Series SAL:

My choices here are either Celtic Summer or a conversion of Celtic Autumn in blues.

20 November 2015 – UFO SAL:

I have oodles of UFOs still outstanding, so this one is going to be relatively easy – and it depends whether the UFO has to be cross stitch or not as to which I’ll be working on.  My main choice at this stage is the following:

24 November 2015 – Christmas Themed SAL:

My preference here is probably the Lizzie*Kate flip-its, however this is one of the few SALs that have a deadline, and I’m not too sure I’ll be able to meet it.  Will decide closer to the time, though …

1 January 2016 – Mirabilia SAL:

My 2nd hardest choice will be this group … I have so many Mirabilia designs that I really want to stitch, that it’ll be hard whittling it down.  Once again, I’ll have to see what I have the supplies for and work back from there …

7 February 2016 – Country Cottage Needleworks SAL:

I have oodles of their designs in my stash, but I’ve managed to whittle it down to the following eight:

Even though it seems really overwhelming, it’s not too bad … all of these can be started by just a few stitches on the given start dates, then they can be inserted into a rotation throughout the year to continue working on them.  Some will be quite quick stitches or will only take 2-3 rotations before they’re completed, others will take longer.  Either way, I’m looking forward to getting some of my stash kitted up and started … I need a few fun designs to keep my motivation with stitching up and running! 😀

8 thoughts on “Upcoming SALs & design choices”

  1. So many gorgeous patterns and options! Once my stuff arrives I want to get back into stitching and may join you on some of these 🙂

  2. Uh – isn’t there eight pics in your country cottage section? Altho daylight savings, my brain is fried!
    I’m listing Christmas Elegance in my 16 in 2016 finish list, have the fabby already. Thanks for the nudge!

  3. So many wonderful designs to choose from. Do you have any info on the Chatelaine and Mirabilia SAL? Are they on FB? I would like to start a Chatelaine and need to get back to my Lilac and a SAL may help me on the Mirabilia front.

  4. Wow, what a lot of SALS! They are certainly going to keep you busy. Just choosing the designs and kittens them up will take a while.
    Looking forward to seeing what you choose.

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