Canvaswork stash on its way

I’m a bit excited that my latest stash order (and final one for quite some time!) is on its way!! Woohoo!!! I thought I had the threads for all those Canvaswork designs in the previous post but it seems my database report failed miserably and lied to me … bah humbug … every chart was missing at least one thread … and one of them about 8 threads!

I had to order from Nordic Needle as some of the threads are Rainbow Gallery ones and hard to find online … and while I was as it I ordered a couple of pieces of colored canvas that I didn’t have and can’t find locally … and I heard last week the box has been shipped! Yippee!!!

Oh yeah I also ordered a couple more sets of stretcher bars so I can mount the canvas as soon as the box arrives as it seems I’m also short on those! I really hope it all arrives before the 17th but I’m guessing that will be wishful thinking … I bought a couple of designs from a stitcher in the US 3 weeks ago and that still hasn’t arrived yet! Oh well it will be a new year treat to come home to! 🙂

I have to admit to not picking up a needle for over a week now – I started a Canvaswork piece last weekend only to find out I’d been sent #5 WDW pearl cotton instead of #8 so the stitches look lovely but are too chunky and I can’t get the adjoining stitches to fit … of course I only found AFTER I’d finished stitching the whole skein! That put me in a bit of a funk … but the good news is that I had ordered another skein in my Nordic Needle order as I couldn’t find it when I was kitting it up … so at least I know I’ll be able to frog it all and start again when my threads arrive. Flossy has also been sitting on my bedroom lap stand taunting me to finish her … but I don’t have any desire to do so right now, but I don’t want to take her off the frame and start something else as I know she’ll not see the light of day again for quite some time … the end result of course is not stitching anything at all!!

Instead of doing actual stitching I’m thinking about next years stitching plans. Along with that are thoughts about setting up a formal rotation like I used to have in Melbourne. I haven’t managed to stick to one for years and think I need to set my rotation up like I used to … I used to have all my rotation pieces sitting in there all kitted up in their own project bags and in order of being stitched. I’d start working on the front project and continue for 10 hours … sometimes that would take a day and sometimes a fortnight … then I’d put it to the back of the tub and start on the next project now at the front of the tub. It did wonders for my productivity!!

And this is what my Canvaswork looks like now prior to being frogged … I’ll only start frogging when my thread turns up so I can frog and stitch progressively and save on counting 😉 !!


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