Secret Egg Hunt

“Secret Egg Hunt” by The Trilogy
Stitched on 32ct … um … can’t remember!!
with recommended GAST and WDW threads

I don’t celebrate Easter at all but I had a real urge to stitch this one … it was a fun stitch over the weekend (minus one bit of frogging of the one egg I managed to stitch last night). So all-in-all a relatively quick stitch as well while catching up on recorded TV 🙂

17 thoughts on “Secret Egg Hunt”

  1. I loved this design when I saw the chart, love it even more now that I’ve seen it stitched 🙂
    Thinking this is a must stitch when it gets close to Easter next year.

  2. I don’t ‘do’ Easter either, although I’ve done a couple of little cards in exchanges in past years. But I can see why you found this design attractive – it is very pretty.
    I just noticed your reply to my comment about the canvas stash I’ve got – you must have been thinking “Indian giver” – lol! I’ll pop some in the mail to you tomorrow.

    1. Haha not at all – you’re doing me a favour so I would never think that … in fact I’d never think that anyway I know you’re a generous kind soul xx

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      1. Thank you, Anne! I posted the samples to you yesterday, tucked into a very special Christmas card which I know you will just love!!

    1. Sorry Joanne I usually post from my PC and add all the info – and this time tried it from my phone but forgot to go back and update it! It’s by The Trilogy 🙂

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