Update on Flossy

Old Flossy here is getting a fair bit of ‘love’ at the moment … mainly because I just dearly want to have her finished so I can move on to something that gives me pleasure. I’m also worried if I put her down I’ll never pick her up again. Tomorrow I have a day off work with my feet up so I should hopefully be able to put it in some decent stitching time … I’d be thrilled to see her finished by the end of this weekend!

As for why I’m having an enforced stitching day, it’s all thanks to my latest cortisone injection I had in my foot today … and they generously used a local anaesthetic and ultrasound guidance so it was MUCH MUCH less painful than the last one done by my butcher GP! As long as the pain stays away tomorrow it’ll be a great lazy day at home! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Update on Flossy”

  1. Well Flossie is still pink, but I think the darker pinks and purples kinda tone it down a bit 🙂
    I dare say, she’ll look quite pretty when she is done 😛

    1. I have to admit she is still pretty … just not ‘me’ … one day I’ll stitch her again just for me with a new colour scheme … but not for a while, I think. I’ve offered her to a stitching pal who had originally offered to buy her from me, so I’ll see how that goes 🙂

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