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Miss Valentine, aka “Flossy”

I don’t know what possessed me … I purchased Miss Valentine by Mirabilia when I truly dislike the colour pink.  Her dress on the cover picture looks extremely pale, with just a hint of pink really, so for some reason she appeals to me.  Even though she’s not my usual choice, I thought she was lovely, truly delightful … until I started stitching her this week.  I feel like I’ve just pushed myself through the gates of hell … stitching hell …  OK, perhaps an exaggeration, but I seriously didn’t expect the vomit-inspiring candy floss pink to be the main colour of her dress … I’m hoping like heck that when the other colours are added that the colour will tone down somewhat!  The way I’m looking at her now is that she may just end up on Etsy or something at the end of all this!!  Poor Flossy, I do hope she tones down a little bit … I guess the alternative is that I just suck it up and unpick what I’ve done and do an entire colour conversion … which I suppose is kind of early enough to do this … or to finish her off and put her up for sale on Etsy … or gift her to a dear stitching friend when it’s finished … oh decisions decisions, what to do!  Poor old Flossy, I don’t mean to be so cruel to her, but she’s … well … she’s just not “blue”!!  Or lilac … Or frankly any other colour that’s not putrid, poxy, candy floss pink … !!


After my little whinge, I’ll brighten up a bit to share what I did two weekends ago, and hadn’t realised that I haven’t shared yet.  While getting the scissor fob tutorials ready, and making up cording for the tutorial, I also dragged out a few pieces that are half-finished but just waiting for cording to be done and had a major cord-making session.  I now have a bunch of ornaments etc that have cording all ready to go … but, um, yeah, they’re still sitting in the finishing pile the same as they were before {{cough}}.  But they have cording now, so that’s closer to being finished than before, right?


I also managed to sit up one evening and quickly completed the ladder stitch closures on this bunch of ornaments.  Some of these were stitched by my Mum and I did the finishing of them all.  Not entirely sure I’ll bother putting up the Christmas tree this year seeing as I won’t be here, and I don’t spend any time in the lounge any more with the flatmate taking it over, so they may not see the light of day until next year … but at least they’re finally out of the finishing pile and into the ornie box!

Here are Mum’s ornaments:




And mine:



3 thoughts on “Miss Valentine, aka “Flossy””

  1. LOL Flossy, candy floss XD
    Appropriate name. I have the Valentine kit as well, and agree it’s a lot pinker than the model photo. But then when is the model photo ever true to life?

    That being said, if this pink really isn’t your thing I’d suggest un-picking and doing another colour scheme. There is a lot of pink on her, and I don’t think the other colours will tone it down.

    And ooohh some interesting ornies you have there… and do I spy a rare Just Nan!? :O

  2. Haha, yeah that is a supremely rare Just Nan hiding in the sidelines – it’s been sitting in the finishing pile for years! I’ve decided to keep going on Flossy, but it’s likely I’m going to sell it or give it to a friend in Melbourne … she’s offered to buy it from me, but I thought I’d do the nice thing and finish the stitching first 🙂 Then I’ll be moving on to stitch something that is NOT pink! 😉

    1. Oh Oh! Finish the Just Nan FIRST!!1!! @_@

      That’s lovely of your friend to do that, and I know she’ll love it. Your stitching is so beautiful!

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