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The Goode Huswife finish

I spent almost the entire weekend sitting in my PJs and stitching my little heart out, while getting square eyes catching up on recorded TV.  I left the house purely to get my hair cut after being over a month overdue for it to be done – I’m glad I can now see through my fringe again, and it’s helped me to feel a lot more human!  Then it was back home again to put on my laundry … and to climb back onto my bed for a marathon stitching session.

The results of the said marathon session was to finish an old WIP last night – I finally put the finishing stitches into this delightful piece.  I have to admit I truly ‘detest’ traditional samplers, they just don’t “do it” for me … but for some reason when I saw this one being stitched on someone else’s blog I just fell in love with the colours and the style of the piece … but only the bottom section of it.  I eventually bought the sampler, and decided to only stitch the part that I really loved … no offence to anyone else who adores the whole sampler, it’s just not “me” (as it is, even this section is so far from being me, it’s not funny!).  Anyway, here she is in all her glory … and on that note I’d better get my A into G and head off into work …


“With My Needle” by The Goode Huswife
stitched with recommended NPI silks, with the exception of the skin colour
stitched on 36ct hand-dyed Edinburgh linen by Countrystitch ~ in colour Haystack

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