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Time for a Rotation again?

I have signed up for so many different SALs and challenges this year that I think the best way for me to devote time for each one is to set up a rotation once again – the first time I tried a rotation it was amazingly successful, but later attempts have been disastrous … perhaps this time it will work … perhaps …

Then again, I also want to continue concentrating on older UFOs/WIPs to finally get them into the finished pile and not languishing around making me feel guilty and gathering dust bunnies …

I guess the first thing to do is to work out what SALs I have coming up this year, along with noting if any of those projects could be combined with the Crazy January Challenge or using existing WIPs/UFOs … then work out a schedule that could possibly work on a 10-hour slot basis.  Rightio then, let’s start by noting all the SALs coming up (including those already started while I’ve been in NZ) … here goes:

  • November 2012 – Quaker Christmas II SAL
  • 1 January – Nora Corbett’s Bluebell Pixie SAL
  • 1 January – Drawn Thread’s Sampler Gameboard SAL
  • 1 February – Aussie Round Robin
  • 14 February – Ink Circles Cirque des Coeurs SAL
  • 1 May – Teresa Wentzler SAL

Add to that the list of potential new starts for me this year as part of the Crazy January Challenge (the only difference is that I’m making up my own rules by choosing and kitting up 15 projects but not starting a new one every day, just rather working my way through the list).  I have to admit I grabbed a handful of my chosen 2013 new starts when I did a rushed packing job to come to NZ and ended up already starting and finishing two of them, so I definitely need to re-do that list of projects once again.  I am tempted to add the Quaker Christmas II sampler and Sampler Gameboard to the challenge list, but I’m not confident I can see either of them being finished by the end of the year and happy to just have them ‘in progress’ throughout the year.  My CJC pieces will be as follows (there are only 2 relatively large pieces in there, so I’m hoping it won’t be too unachievable, but that could be famous last words, if this year’s crappy stitching time is anything to go by!):

  1. Bluebell pixie – Mirabilia/Nora Corbett
  2. Little Blue Potting Shed – Brown House Studio
  3. Blue Bayou – Northern Pine Designs
  4. Christmas Elf Fairy – Mirabilia/Nora Corbett
  5. Bluebeard’s Princess – Mirabilia
  6. Moon & Stars – Little House Needleworks
  7. Trousse aux Fleur Bleues – CMon Monde
  8. Spooky Scissors Fob – Shepherd’s Bush
  9. Little Witch – Shepherd’s Bush
  10. Trick or Treat Box – Just Nan
  11. Acorn Hill – Little House Needleworks
  12. Valentine Fairy – Mirabilia/Nora Corbett
  13. Christmas double flip-its – Lizzie*Kate
  14. Ebb Tide – Northern Pine Designs
  15. Sky Blue Accent – Periwinkle Promises

As well as these projects, though, I’d dearly love to continue working on some of my older WIPs/UFOs, namely:

  • With My Needle – The Goode Huswife
  • Flight of the Bumblebees – Ruth Schmuff
  • English Garden Sampler – Teresa Wentzler
  • Enchanted Mermaid – Mirabilia
  • Egyptian Garden Mandala – Chatelaine

Taking all that into account, let’s see if I can work out a suitable rotation … hmmm, this might need a few days to think through, but easier putting it ‘in print’ and then reviewing again … and seeing as I don’t have any software loaded up on Mum’s computer at the moment, this is kinda my drawing board for now …

  1. Nora Corbett/Mirabilia
    (Bluebell pixie, Christmas Elf Fairy, Valentine Fairy, Bluebeard’s Princess, *Enchanted Mermaid (UFO))
  2. Halloween
    (Spooky Scissors Fob, Little Witch, Trick or Treat Box)
  3. Quaker Christmas II SAL
  4. Christmas Ornaments & Charity Quilt Squares
  5. Canvaswork
    (Blue Bayou, Ebb Tide, *Flight of the Bumblebees (UFO))
  6. Other Crazy January
    (Little Blue Potting Shed, Moon & Stars, Trousse aux Fleur Bleues, Acorn Hill, Christmas double flip-its, Sky Blue Accent)
  7. Sampler Gameboard SAL
  8. UFOs/WIPs
    (With My Needle, *Flight of the Bumblebees, English Garden Sampler, *Enchanted Mermaid, Egyptian Garden Mandala)
  9. Christmas Ornaments or Free Choice

That actually seems quite ‘do-able’ … but I guess the proof will be whether I manage to start it when I get home … which is now at least a week later than expected, depending on what Dad’s doctor has to say tomorrow.  I got the go-ahead from my boss to work over here ‘remotely’ for a while, so that’s good news and takes the pressure off a little bit 🙂

Plus Mum and I placed a small order with 123stitch to re-order the missing threads I need that are waiting for me back home – at least that way I can still continue to do some form of stitching over here, which I have to admit I’ve been loving at the moment … I can’t remember the last time I stitched every single day for over a week at a time … sheer bliss!!!

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    1. WOWZERS! You go girl 🙂
      Those are some seriously gorgeous projects you have going there 🙂 (or will have going…Lol!)

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