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Halloween is just around the corner

Even though I don’t celebrate it as such, I absolutely ADORE Halloween stitching, and I’ve managed to itch my Halloween urge over the weekend with a new start on Friday night – an entire day of solid stitching later, and it was finished late Saturday night.  I just had enough WDW Bluebonnet to complete the wording, with about 3 inches left over!  Unfortunately I only had enough WDW Terracotta for the stripes on the stockings, but after scrambling through my other variegated threads I managed to find a skein of Crescent Colours in Fallen Leaves that seemed a perfect replacement without having to resort to DMC subbing … and it worked out pretty well in the top section border – I bet if I hadn’t told you, you’d never have known! 😉

“Happy Haunting” by Lizzie*Kate (from Fall Crazy leaflet)
on a mystery Wichelt-type linen (ie stiff)
with recommended GAST/WDW threads with the exception of Terracotta (after running out midway through)

Not entirely sure what is next on the stitching to-do-list – I want to start one of Nora Corbett’s “Letters”, but I’m waiting for some hand-dyed fabric to arrive for it, which might be quite a way away yet.  I’m keen to start another new start that would be quick to finish, but then again the other side of me is feeling a little overwhelmed with all the existing WIPs/UFOs sitting around, so I’m starting to feel a strong urge to at least start putting a few more stitches into those projects and reminding them they’re still loved.  Perhaps I should start a rotation once again, just to work through a few of those older projects until the 2013 challenge starts?  Oh decisions, decisions … and while I’m deciding I’d better go finish off the biscornu that’s due to be posted this week for an exchange – the stitching is finished, I just need to do the actual finishing …

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  1. I LOVE your Halloween stitchings! I don’t celebrate it either (apart from having a bag of lollies near the front door in case any stray witches turn up), but I have done a couple of cute stitcheries over the years 😉

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