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July WIPocalypse progress

Been a quiet month stitching-wise, with only a small section of stitching done of one of my WIPs that has been sadly neglected – I’m probably halfway on this one now, though, and while I’m not enjoying stitching the stems leaves on the flower very much, I’m enjoying the rest of it.  Most people who know the design will be thinking “what is she talking about, she’s probably halfway? that is one big-ass design!” … basically I really don’t enjoy the ‘primitive’ samplers and style of stitching myself, and the whole design just isn’t “me” – but for some reason I really really fell in love with the bottom section with all the gold swirls after seeing someone else stitching it, so I’ve decided to just ignore the rest of the design and am stitching the bottom section only 🙂

I also had a new start and finish, which was one of the charts I bought when I was in Paris – I think I might stitch this one again in traditional red threads, but for some reason I had the sudden desire to stitch it with white silk on a blue linen, and it turned out pretty enough 🙂

Brin par Brin-Citation de Brodeuse No 8

The other stitching I did was for an exchange – I truly love this one, and definitely have to stitch it again for myself!!  I had a devil of a time deciding which “bird” ornament to stitch, hence there have been a few bird ornie finishes over the last 2 months and not much else, but in the end this is the one that I chose because it’s quite different to what others would have chosen I think, and I really love it! It was one of the Gift of Stitching issues, but I’ve just mislaid my working copy for now and can’t remember which issue it was in.  I’ll try to update with the details later 🙂

Nancy Pederson-First Day of Christmas a Jun12

The rest of my stitching time was taken up not doing actual stitching, but doing a whole big bunch of finishing over one long weekend, and I had a blast!  Here were the results – most of them are waiting to be stuffed and have their ‘bottoms’ sewn up, and others need cords to be made and attached, or felt backings and hangers attached, but it’s still a great start to seeing them finished off properly:

I also started another couple of ornie tutorials while I was doing my finishing frenzy, and once I get the cords etc made up I’ll be able to finish those and publish them 🙂

The other non-stitching news is that my flatmate leaves tomorrow … so much to tell on that score, so I’ll leave that for another day … and Mum has offered to come over and help out with cleaning the place in case I need to move out (which is possible) and also be there for moral support. Our last visit here wasn’t perfect after my flatmate had a temper tantrum and was slamming doors etc so it will be really awesome to send a couple of weeks chilling out with no-one else around. And this could be a good opportunity to sit up in the lounge each evening getting some of those ornies finally stuffed and sewn up! 😀

I have other news as well, with photos of a couple of gifts/exchanges received, but I’ll leave that until another post as I need to head off to work now …

9 thoughts on “July WIPocalypse progress”

  1. All your finishing is lovely, Anne – you’re making great strides with your ornament stitching and finishing!

    I love the look of the white silk on the blue linen for the French piece – very “you” 🙂

    I’m not sure what the situation is with your flatmate, but how rude of her to behave that way when your mother was visiting! I hope you enjoy this visit with your mother. You’re so fortunate that your mother can “pop over” on a semi-regular basis! I wish I could see my mother more often!

    1. Have to admit it’s probably even more fortunate working for an airline so I can have her as my ‘travel companion’ … it means it’s a lot more feasible for her to visit, especially now she’s retired 🙂 I find it hard being so far away from the rest of the family in Canada/UK so I can certainly understand your feelings (although parents are much closer obviously!) Xx

  2. Well done, Anne! I especially like the penguin, the snowman and the Santa. Xxxx

  3. Congrats on all those finishes! That’s a lot of ornament/pillow sewing that you got done! And the stitching looks gorgeous.

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