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Into the Night – new start

My new start yesterday turned out to be Shepherd’s Bush’s kit, “Into the Night” … sadly, though, the kit contents were extremely frugal and I’ve managed to run out of two of the threads – even though I stitched right down to the last 2″ of thread of each of the strands.  So much for thinking I could get the whole project completed this weekend because of having ‘all the threads’ required.  Oh well, it means it’s now put to one side while I contact Shepherd’s Bush for some replacement threads 😦

For now I guess it’s time to return to an older WIP for the rest of the day – I can’t be bothered working out a new project again today so I figure that’s the easiest thing to do to keep me in the stitching mood for my last day of proper recuperation.

Next week my job will be to sit up at my PC and catching up on emails, of which there are well over 1000 unread emails 😦  I really do need to set up my laptop for my emails, as it’s so much easier to sit up in bed to catch up … it’s a real pain to sit up at my computer desk late at night when I get in (and when I’m not feeling well), so I find I tend to forget about reading them 😦


8 thoughts on “Into the Night – new start”

  1. This is becoming a habit lately with SB kits. You’ve made a really good start. Pity about the holdup. Which threads are they? Maybe I’ve got some?

  2. Hope you get the threads soon. I hate when a kit runs out of the colors you need to finish, especially when there always seems to be an abundance of the colors you only use once.

  3. More than 15 years ago my late penpal was working a SB kit and she, too, ran out of threads. She wrote them and finally about 12″ of silk arrived. That piece was too short also. Like you she didn’t waste a bit. Lovely designs but the pain of shortages is annoying in light of the price you pay for the kit. Maria S.

  4. It’s soooo frustrating to be shorted on threads. Hope SB gets more off to you real soon and that the dye lots match!

  5. Your stitching looks great! Hope you get the threads you need soon; nothing like trying to finish something only to run out of what you need 😦

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