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Twenty Flowers – new start

This morning I had a cortisone injection in my heel for my plantar fasciitis … not something I want to repeat again in a hurry – but that means following Dr’s orders by sitting with my foot elevated for 3 days.  Such a hardship having to sit up in bed with my stitching 😀

I decided that I wanted to make a new start, and silly me had to choose a project that I don’t have all the threads for.  This is the companion piece to one I’ve already stitched, so I wanted to use the leftover kit threads from that one before I could work out which threads I needed to order (I did a previous trade with a fellow stitcher with our used charts) … I’ve now reached the stage where I can’t go any further until I order the threads I need.  It’s a pain in the neck in that most of the threads I just need one strand, but I have to admit to absolutely loving stitching with these threads, so maybe I’ll continue to use those that I end up buying 🙂

Anyway, here’s my progress to date (Just Nan’s 20 Flowers):

Not sure what I’ll work on next – it’ll be as much as a surprise to me as you!

7 thoughts on “Twenty Flowers – new start”

  1. I had plantar fasciitis last year Anne, and although I could hardly walk at times, I resisted the cortisone injection knowing how painfull they are. Fortunately, being at home meant I could rest my foot, but it did take most of the year to clear up. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Twenty flowers is looking really pretty. Love your Tiger Reflection finish too.

  2. You take good care of yourself, or I’ll have to fly over there and scold you in person. 😉 Seriously, enjoy the stitching time and I hope the painful shot took care of the painful foot issue. Fingers crossed (but not toes!).

  3. No pun intended, really, but I hope you heal quickly. 🙂 Your stitching progress is stunning— I too wonder why that always happens on the projects we’re missing stuff for. I’d wager that if you were working on something you had all the supplies for, somehow yo’d just not be able to get much accomplished on it.

  4. Great start!! I might have to work out a trade for you on this one when you are finished…I have the companion piece as a WIP right now 🙂 Hope your foot feels much better. Plantar fasciitis is **not** a fun time.

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