2012 WIPocalypse, Works in Progress

WIPocalypse Update for February

We are currently experiencing a hideous turn in weather with grey skies and rain forecast for at least another month – I think it’s my fault because I’ve been stitching the last two weekends! This last Sunday is the first time in over 2 months that I’ve been driven by a burning desire to stitch … and it felt really good!

It also means some decent progress on two of my WIPs for this month’s WIPocalypse update. First up is Bent Creek’s Winter Snapperland … taking the progress up to about 40% completion.

And next is Jardin Prive’s Christmas … taking the progress up to about 70% completion (I’m hoping to see this one finished by the end of the month – although that’s only if the stitching bug stays!)

Other than that nothing else to write about really – still working hard and still loving my new car … Same old, same old really … Except for one thing, that one of my resolutions for this year was to treat Sydney as if I was on holiday. When I was younger I would go traveling all the time on my own and eat out at restaurants etc on my own, either taking a book to read or my trip diary to write. I have missed out a lot over the last few years by not going to places because I don’t have people around me that share same interests – or I have made assumptions that way. This year I am putting my confident traveling mind back in place and going to things on my own if I really want to go 🙂

My first experience was about 2 weeks ago when I bought a ticket to see Ronan Keating in concert, along with Sharon Corr as support act … Oh boy am I glad I did, it was a superb night out!! Then next week I’m taking myself off to see Love Never Dies, the sequel to Phantom of the Opera … Watch out world the confident Anne is slowly returning!!!

Later in the year I also have tickets to see the Australian Chamber Orchestra perform a baroque concert but Mum is flying over to join me for that one 🙂 Who knows what else the year will bring? Whatever it is I’m definitely open to all possibilities 😀

And on that note, it’s time to sign off for the day and I’m off to put another strand of thread into another WIP … wow, maybe we’ll starting getting snow in Sydney!! 😛

18 thoughts on “WIPocalypse Update for February”

  1. I used to go out alone regularly when I lived in southern Maine, back in my younger days. I thought it was an important “skill” for a woman to have. Just recently, I went to a restaurant alone (stealing some time for myself after an out-of-town conference) and the poor hostess was seriously freaking out about my dining alone. Where to seat me? Should she hide me? All of which to say, good for you, going out and treating Sydney as a vacation – that’s the best way to have fun and avoid ruts! 🙂

    Your stitching looks wonderful – you’ve been so very productive!

  2. So glad you’re getting out to enjoy some Sydney goodness! Nice too that you’re getting some stitching in too. 🙂

  3. Hi Anne,found your blog through Measi’s wip-ocalypse.

    Love both the Christmas designs.
    Good for you for getting out there.

  4. Pretty stitching. I never think to go to places on my own, usually hubs accompanies be or I have friends. It is funny when you’re the only one dining at a restaurant though but I haven’t had an experience like Barbra! Too funny.

  5. Your Bent Creek is looking great as is your Jardin! It was so good to hear that you have taken such positive steps in your life. I have seen this on several blogs, and I am trying to do some as well. Maybe this will be a turning point year for all of us!!

  6. Love both of these pieces…have eyed them for a long time. Your WIPocalypse is super. I can’t believe you have all thes things going. I have a lot as well, but at least you finish them! Kudos. I am envious of your diligence and patience.

  7. Nice pieces. I like that Winterland piece. I look forward to seeing more of it.

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