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WIPocalypse update

It seems that the first update post is due tomorrow, but it’s unlikely I’ll have much time when I get home from work – instead I’ve taken a quick photo tonight in advance … I didn’t get a huge deal of stitching done tonight, but it’s an awful lot more than I’ve done over the last month in total!!

Hopefully this will be finished by the end of next weekend … if I manage to stay home much … because this coming weekend I’ll be picking up this little beauty as my HUGE treat to myself at the start of 2012!  This has been my dream car for quite a number of years now, and finally I’m biting the bullet and getting rid of that old stupid burgundy lemon that I detest and putting myself into further debt to buy this little dream.  The only thing that isn’t my dream part is that it’s the hatchback version instead of the sedan, but in fact I’ve been tossing up whether to get a hatchback recently anyway …

We went to a car sales yard just to get an idea of prices when I was visiting friends on the other side of Sydney last weekend.  When we were asked what we were looking for, I said “not negotiable is Mazda, and a preference of a Mazda 3 or smaller” – when asked whether I have a preference for auto or manual, I said I didn’t really care, although I prefer a manual to drive … he said “sorry, but we only have one car on the lot at the moment as a used car – which is that BLUE Mazda 3 hatchback over there, which is a manual” … after about an hour or so dickering around and having a general chat about finance etc, I ended up signing a contract and I’ll be picking it up this coming Friday.  The only changes I made to it were having iPod connectivity installed and have protection sprayed on the upholstery and paintwork etc … as I intend this car to be with me for many many years, I want it to continue looking good for as long as possible, so hopefully that will prove to be a good investment.

And on that note, I suppose I really should sign off for the night and get some sleep – I spent the day cleaning out our garage so that I don’t have to park it in the driveway, so I’m a little bit tired … I only managed to get some stitching done because the update deadline for the WIPocalypse was tomorrow!!

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  1. Good luck with your first finish of the year! And congrats on the new car. I love the color. I am hoping a new car is in the cards this year for me this year too!

  2. Love your new car! I learned to drive in a Mazda 323, which I think was the precursor to the 3.

    I got a new car myself a couple of weeks ago – I’m a big fan of the Toyota Corolla, so I got myself another one, in white this time 🙂

  3. Love the new car, Anne! I can relate to your feelings for it – I wanted a car that colour because I’m a ‘blue’ person too, but had to settle for teal instead, because the car was ideal in every other way (Barina Hatchback and not TOO expensive).

  4. Great job on the stitching, and love the new car! I’ve always liked Mazdas, and that hatchback is pretty sporty and cute.

  5. Great new car, but I would say that as I’m a Mazda driver too! I’ve now got a Mazda 2. Mum and Dad have my old Mazda 3. On the day I ordered my new car Mum said they would be in line for the 2 when I’d finished with it! Never had any trouble.

  6. I have a Mazda Neo 3 which I purchased new on my retirement a couple of years ago. It is a great car and I feel very safe driving it. I am sure you will be very happy with your decision Anne. Hope 2012 is a healthy and happy year for you full of contented hours stitching

  7. OH you have a twin to mine! Well maybe a sibling I think yours may be a different blue. In October I finally got my hatchback. (I really wanted it but when we needed a car for me in 06 we couldn’t justify going up in price) We had gotten the Mazda 3 Sedan instead but now I have a Mazda 3 2012 hatch with the skyactive engine. I call it my Tardis. 🙂 Hubs liked it so much he got one of his own and finally found a black one, I didn’t really care at the time of getting my car but his has a moon roof and now I’m a tiny bit jealous.
    Love your stitching. I can’t wait to see more progress.

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