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Theme Thursday – Brush

In continuing to try and find a stitching element to my photo memes when I can, I ended up having a mini photography session this morning after taking the first photo … but hopefully it ties in well with the theme!

Here is my choice for this week’s Theme Thursday, where the theme is ”Brush” – I use an eyebrow brush to fluff up my turkey knot stitches in stumpwork to make fluffy little insect bodies.  This one is my old UFO not completed yet, but pretty much ready for a trim back into the body shape 🙂

Jane Nicholas-Stumpwork

When it grows up, and it’s trimmed back, it’ll look something like this little bee:

Jane Nicholas-Elizabethan Roundel

Here is another piece that is brushed up and fluffy – gorgeous thistles!

Jane Nicholas-Elizabethan Roundel

And while I’m showing you the brushed-up parts, I thought I’d share details of the rest of this piece … this is Elizabethan Roundel by Jane Nicholas:

Jane Nicholas-Elizabethan Roundel

I just love how all the piece stand-up 3-dimensionally on the fabric with the padding and wires.

Jane Nicholas-Elizabethan Roundel

Jane Nicholas-Elizabethan Roundel

Jane Nicholas-Elizabethan Roundel

On a different note, thanks to everyone who has left comments with your preferred ONS.  Unfortunately the ONS I’m currently having issues with (accessory packs ordered in January, charts ordered in March) is one of the ‘good’ ones you listed … so I think I just lucked out.  Never mind, I’m going through a mini financial crisis with some major bills coming up that I can’t afford, so I won’t have to worry about stitching orders until at least the beginning of next year!

It also may mean I’ll finally have to clear out my stash and put a lot of it up on Ebay, along with my scissor fobs … I have about $1,500 to find in 10 days for my car registration, which is hilarious (both the actual cost itself, which is twice as much as living in Melbourne, but I also have to buy local licence plates which bumps the cost up, along with the hilarity of finding $1,500 in itself in such a short time).  So my guess is that my car will be taken off the road until I have the funds available – oh my, I’m sooooo not looking forward to being a bus passenger again 😦  I really need to get my car up and running again by the beginning of October, though, as Mum’s coming over to visit and we’ll need it for running around in.  Oh well, I’ve lived on tinned tomatoes once before, I guess I can do it again for a while!

Anyway, enough of these woes and troubles … time to shake it off and jump in the shower for another day of torture in the office …  I was feeling so stressed yesterday I almost burst into tears at the end of the day when yet another hurdle cropped up, which almost immediately burst into anger with the next email … this PMT is a right royal b*tch, I haven’t missed it whatsoever over the last few years – and now it’s back, it’s back with a vengeance!!  Maybe I should start booking in annual leave every month? LOL.

16 thoughts on “Theme Thursday – Brush”

  1. Wow, it’s amazing what a little cosmetic brush can do — these are beautiful pieces of work! I will be back to admire your blog. 🙂 Happy Theme Thursday.

  2. Wow! Gorgeous stitching you’ve done there. I’ve always admire stumpwork and love the 3D effect of the craft though. Would sure like to give it a try someday.

  3. Anne, love the stump work pics! With regard to your car rego, you could always just register it for 6 months, I think 3 months may even be possible now which could spread the cost out a bit for you.

  4. Nice brush work! And while you’re at it, brush off your woes… they will take care of themselves as long as you take care of yourself.

  5. The stitchery is so beautiful. Put my needle down years ago – just no time.
    Thanks for showing us the bees

    marvelous TT

    mine is here

  6. Gorgeous stumpwork! I hope you can find the money you need for your car. I would hate to see you have to part with your stash. I hope your work starts getting better.

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