Resurfacing old U.F.O.

We spent the evening watching some TV and Supernatural episodes while I split my time between trying to resurrect my laptop (it keeps dying) and my stitching.  I managed to stitch as far as I could on Sapphire Star, and realised I am missing yet another thread somehow … will have to check my stash to make sure I haven’t just forgotten to add it to the ‘kit’.  Anyway, it’s looking great, if I say so myself!

Then I decided not to start anything new, but to pick up a very VERY old UFO that hasn’t been touched since … um … well … since April 2007 … yikes!!!  I haven’t touched any of my old UFOs since I finished Chatelaine’s Stitching Leporello last year, so I decided it was time to put a few stitches into it … I didn’t manage a great deal, but did manage to finish the stitching of the ‘bird band’ on the outside.  I still hate the over-one section in the middle, and would dearly love someone to wave a magic wand over it to make it be “finished” … perhaps I’ll make myself do one strand of over-one stitching each time I pick it up before I stitch more on the fun parts – but then again that may put me off picking it up full stop – hmmm, maybe I should just leave it until the end, so it has to be done before the beading, that should be incentive enough!  The “Before” picture shows the fabric colour more accurately.



Today I’ve been struggling on and off all day with a nauseous migraine, so have been in bed most of the afternoon.  I was getting restless so thought I’d tempt fate and sit up for a few minutes – but now I think it’s time to go back to bed again …

6 thoughts on “Resurfacing old U.F.O.

  1. You are making beautiful progress!

    There must be something in the air around the world today. I woke up with a migraine too!

  2. Aren’t those nauseating migraines the worst? I used to vomit with mine all the time when I was younger, but then my migraine symptoms changed. Unfortunately for me, they are starting to revert back to the old symptoms again. Especially if I let the pain get too far ahead of me; that really starts up the nausea. If you continue to have nausea problems, you might consider getting your hands on some patchouli essential oil. It seriously does wonders for nausea. I have Terry rub it on my belly when I’m really nauseous and it does the trick every time. I really like the scent, too. Just be careful, if you do use it, because the oil is dark and can leave stains, especially in the concentrated form.

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