Sapphire Star Update

I didn’t have the energy and attention span to start a new project tonight, even though I’ve got a few kitted up and ready to go … so after rummaging through my WIP basket for a while, and finding nothing else that took my fancy, I pulled out Laura J Perin’s Sapphire Star. 

I managed to complete the filling stitches of most of the outside border, and will probably fill in the little squares next with the relevant metallic threads … then it will have to go to one side yet again, as I’m still awaiting my thread to arrive from the US.  This is from a ONS who is notoriously slow in posting, BUT they did have the thread in stock at the time (and not many places stock Rainbow Gallery threads), and of course they have regular 20-25% off sales, which is what I used at the time … alas, according to the order status online we’re still awaiting the arrival of back-ordered embellishment kits (teeny white buttons from Lizzie*Kate so I can finally finish my Boo Club piece from last year – as the charts were used, on loan from a friend, I’ve had to find my own embellishments and let’s just say it’s been an ongoing challenge, so I was excited to see them for sale on sale ONS site … of course now I’m playing the waiting game … still … ho-hum …).

Anyway, without further ado, here’s my latest update of Sapphire Star – I still drool over the colours in this one every time I pick it up and have started to fantasise about how I’ll get it framed … assuming my thread turns up while I’m young enough to do the framing! LOL.

14 thoughts on “Sapphire Star Update

  1. Sapphire Star is gorgeous – the colours are *very* drool-worthy. I love it.

    Sorry you’re having to wait so long for your goodies. I hope they arrive soon!

  2. What a beautiful piece! Do you find it hard to get your head back into a WIP if you have not worked on it for a while? The reason I ask is that I have been going back and forth to a HAED piece and I find that it takes me a good half hour or so to figure out where to get going again and what is going on with the piece. Having to re-learn the symbols, the colours and work with the graph again takes a little time of adjustment for me so maybe that is why I do not like to have WIPs.

  3. Oh, Anne, it is so yummy! I know you want to finish it. It’s going to be spectacular. Laura’s pieces really are beautiful irl and difficult to photograph for the richness of color and stitches. This one is really gorgeous, so I hope you do get your threads!! Hugs

  4. Wow! Gorgeous, the colors are beautiful. I hope you get your supplies soon, It’s going to be very pretty when finished.

  5. Love Laura J. Perrin designs, but haven’t done canvaswork for years. Yours is gorgeous…the colors are amazing. If you ever need anything from the US…let me know…I could probably find it for you here in Chicago.

    • Alas, Tessa, unfortunately I had to order them from the US – I saw a pair or two at Bustle & Bows years ago (now called The Needlepoint I think) in East Malvern, Melbourne – they’re really really hard to find locally, that’s for sure! Actually these ones I got from Stitcher’s Workshop, and the wood is SUPER gorgeous (I think they’re hand-made to order) but very hard to put my pins into … I really need to get a proper set of pins and ‘pusher’ ‘cos at the moment my pins are not pushed in properly and it’s easy to catch my thread on them. They really are beautiful stretcher bars, though!! Hugs, Anne

  6. This piece is really beautiful. I know exactly which LNS you are referring to. I almost always shop with them beause their prices are good and they have always provided excellent service. They have helped with some unusual requests on more than one occasion. I suppose that alone is worth the wait.

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