One gift finished

I decided to use a few of my rotation hours for small-medium projects (my next/current rotation slot) to slay one of the gifts that has been outstanding for quite some time.  I have had major problems getting the fabric from the US (the supplier will remain nameless at this time), but after having it on order for MONTHS, it finally arrived a wee while ago, and I’ve finally pulled my finger out and got it stitched up.  Sorry, but at 1.30am the photography is appalling for a change, and doesn’t show up the lovely Graziano checked linen…  This is a gift for my Chiropractor’s first child – all I have to do now is to frame it 😀

LizzieKate-Welcome Baby
“Welcome Baby” by Lizzie*Kate
Stitched with a mix of WDW/GAST as recommended &
DMC for the two threads I didn’t have
on 28ct pale blue and white checked Graziano linen

The next gifts I need to stitch will take considerably more time to complete, but I think I’ll make a start on those next as both birthdays are next month yikes!  There’s a good chance of getting one finished, but I’m not entirely sure about the second one…

4 thoughts on “One gift finished

  1. I see you enjoy canvas work. There is a wonderful free design at Click on stitch of the month and scroll down until you get to Dec. 1999 “Barb’s Patchwork”. A fun design for you to pick out your own colours, especially our fav colour “blue”.

  2. Very cute baby gift – it will look lovely framed.
    Gosh – what happened Anne, I blinked and there were 5 posts from you.
    You must be feeling better!

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