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I’ve been a looooong time signing up for any of the rounds of Pay It Forward (PIF) due to personal circumstances … but I came across Ronel’s PIF round at the perfect time, and I’m feeling really keen to start joining in and getting some little gifties off to people over the next 12 months.

I think everyone knows how it works by now, but if not, here goes – I will send a stitched gift to three people some time over the next 365 days.  Those three people then need to commit to offering the same on their own blog … and so the goodness and caring continues 😀

The closing date for entries is 31 October – if there are only three people wishing to sign up, then all three will be the confirmed winners – if more than three people want to sign up, then I will draw three names out of the proverbial hat 🙂

Please remember to leave an email address, and also your blog details.

I’m really looking forward to choosing something for each person 😀

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In the meantime I’ve been doing a bit of my own version of Paying It Forward, and sending a number of little RAK’s (Random Acts of Kindness) around the world – I’ve heard that another few have been received in the UK, Melbourne (Australia), New Zealand, the Netherlands and Singapore.  If you want, you can click on each link to the relevant blog post that the recipients have made … as I don’t think I took any photos myself! 🙂

There is still a pile of padded envelopes waiting to be posted out, but the last lot cost nearly AU$80 in postage, so I thought I’d stagger the postings a bit 🙂

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  1. Hi Anne…

    I would love to enter your PIF, I do hope I’m one of the three recipients as you stitch beautifully…

    My blog is Contented Stitcher (

    My e-mail is

    Thank you,


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