Quick Drive-By

Life is downright hectic at the moment – the weekend was taken up with moving and cleaning, and yesterday I did a 14 hour day at work … and no sign of that letting up for a while.  We’re down to two staff members in our team (with one new start, but she’s not trained up yet), with our Supervisor now on annual leave for two weeks – we’re so flat out with our day-to-day work and operational actions that our project work is struggling to get completed (hence the late hours) … even my poor stitching has been suffering, although I have managed to get a couple of stitches in over the weekend … (so much for my New Year’s goals though hmmm)

On Saturday night Katie and I sat in front of the TV in the lounge and watched a few episodes of Supernatural (we’re both massive fans), while I sat and stitched in my recliner.  I’ve been stitching while sitting up in bed over the last few months, so it was really nice to get my stitching station set up again in the lounge.  The night I managed to get the last stitches put into Cottage Garden, so I have one more finish under my belt.  (Sorry about the dark photo.)

CCN-Cottage Garden
“Cottage Garden” by Country Cottage Needleworks
stitched on 32ct cream linen
with recommended threads

Then on Monday night I picked up Winter Queen again and put her back on the floor stand – if you can work out the differences between the last time I left her in May 2008 and now, with the minimal amount of stitches I managed on Monday night, you’re doing fantastic … ‘cos there’s very little to show for my efforts haha.  But every stitch is better than none, right?  (And if you give up, they’re on the left hand side LOL) 🙂

Winter Queen 27May08

Winter Queen 27Jan09

Anyway, time to jump in the shower and head off to work – I’m having a slightly later start today ‘cos of my late finish (we’ve been leaving home just after 7am this week) … Roll on 5pm is all I can say, ‘cos I’m off to the Chiropractor and I can’t stay late (yippee!!).

11 thoughts on “Quick Drive-By

  1. Cottage Garden looks great, and I can see the progress on Winter Queen. Your sea food meal looks delicious, we are really enjoying the fresh sea food that we can get where we live, as opposed to the frozen crap that we used to get when we lived is southern NSW.

  2. Life so often drags us down paths we don’t plan on taking; guess that’s why I quit making stitching goals, or even count on finishing things on my to-do list! 😀 Hope your work hours approximate something closer to normal real soon!

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