1 thought on “Photo Hunt – Chipped”

  1. Hello, Anne. Your choice for posting was NOT poor. It’s a beautiful ceiling, it’s just WOW! I love egyptian stuff and History is a passion.

    I just loved your handwork. I also stitch some little things, but the quality of your stuff is realy awesome. I just loved the quake swan case and just barely can wait to see Mirabilia-Winter Queen done. Your photos are great. I never succeeded in taking good photos of my projects. Well, but even so I’ll have a blog for them.

    Well, I came to your blog when I was looking for progress bars scripts. I have noticed that you have some beautiful kand delicate ones here at your blog and kindly had already told from where you’ve found them. The issue is that that blog isn’t on anymore and the owner, in her new address, doesn’t use progress bars in her new blog. So, I kindly as you if you could, please, write to me the codes to have beautiful progress bars like these ones…

    I appologize for asking you something at your space for friendly comments and socializing, but I wasn’t able to find a private mail address in order to do it.

    My bests,


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