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Candles/Carols in the Domain Sydney-style

We had a lovely time at the carols last night – while we couldn’t see the stage clearly from where we were sitting, we could just see the large screen to follow who was on stage.  They had a good line-up of local singing stars including Delta Goodrem, Guy Sebastian, Shannon Noll, Paulini, and Brian McFadden plus others.  We had a star of our own, though, as we found ourselves joined by a certain ‘Gladiator’ along with his family, bodyguard and nanny … definitely a highlight of the night for me!  You can see him in the sunglasses just behind us (I felt uncomfortable taking more photos as he was enjoying a family night out, and I thought that would be too intrusive) 🙂

Candles in the Park SYD Dec08

Mr Russell Crowe and friends enjoying Candles in the Park Dec08

The great thing about the Sydney event is that you can buy a “Candle Bag” for charity, which has 4 candles with cup-holders to sit them in – it looks so pretty looking out over the event when darkness falls to see all of the candles lit up around the crowds.  Unfortunately I couldn’t get a good photo to share though.

Candles in the Park SYD Dec08 1

There was a short firework display at the start of the show, and another final short fireworks display at the end.

Fireworks at Candles in the Park SYD Dec08 1

Fireworks at Candles in the Park SYD Dec08 3

Fireworks at Candles in the Park SYD Dec08 2

All-in-all it was a fun night – although my head was suffering overnight due to the consumption of too much wine and the excitement of sharing the night with Mr C 😉

Today will be spent finishing the Christmas decorations off, I think, then doing a spot of housework … I bought a new attachement for my vacuum cleaner making it semi-bagless, so I’ll have to trial it to see if it works well … nothing but glamorous stuff for me today – serves me right, I’ve been having waaaay too much fun lately! LOL 😛

10 thoughts on “Candles/Carols in the Domain Sydney-style”

  1. Thank God Mr C has had his hair cut. Did you see him in that interview recently? Ergh. Mind you, I don’t like him much anyway…I think he’s a w*nker. LOL

  2. Sounds like a fun night. I am not a big Russell Crowe fan, but that’s cool you were sitting so close to him and his family!

  3. Hi there

    great pics – it would have been fun sitting so close to Russell Crowe and family!

    Would love to have seen Guy Sebastian sing also 🙂

    Best Christmas wishes !

  4. OK, I demand a “clearer” explanation!! Is it true that the so-called Mr. C has had his hair cut?!!! Aaargh!! What about the hair he’s grown so long for the Nottingham project? I can see from the photo that he got short hair, but could that be a wig? He already did the same trick when he shot “Body of Lies” with the crew-cut hairstyle. He had much longer hair at that time.

    Oh btw, thanks for sharing those amazing photos. 🙂 What a cool event with so many stars lined up for show, and to share it with Mr. C and family. Congrats! 🙂

  5. the needlepoint is very pretty. I like the Egyptian mandala. Wish I had the patience for such a thing but it took me three years to make a bookmark for Mom so I don’t thing fine art skills are mine. I also like the caroling/fireworks pix

  6. I can’t believe that RC was sitting in with the regular folk – how cool is that!

    When I was growing up, going to Carols by Candelight at the Sidney Meyer Music Bowl in Melbourne was always a highlight of the holidays for me.

  7. We watched Carols in the Domain on t.v. and as usual, enjoyed it much more than we do the Melbourne Carols on Xmas Eve (which we haven’t watched for years anyway).
    Russell Crowe sitting there in the middle of everyone??? Didn’t he get rushed for autographs? Not that I would – I mean I like his movies, but I would have thought with his fame…still this is Oz, and we are such polite people (LOL LOL LOL)
    Hey, thank you so much for your Christmas card – totally unexpected, but very much appreciated!

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