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A short post for a change!

After catching up on all the holiday news, it’s time to settle back into Aussie life once again.  This morning will be spent getting my hair cut, then writing some Christmas cards (‘cos I forgot all about them before heading on holiday, which means everyone in the world will be receiving them late – I’m totally useless this year … even worse than last year, and I didn’t think that was possible!!!) … then this afternoon will be spent quickly throwing some clothes and bedding into the washer if I get chance before heading out to Carols in the Domain Aussie-style 😀

To quickly answer Andrea’s question, unfortunately no, the Santas won’t be adorning my tree this year – I have a little half tree that hangs on the wall for my hand-made and special ornies, but it appears that is now pretty full this year, and my actual Christmas tree is too small to really handle a lot of ornies either.  My wish for next year is a decent Christmas tree so I can have a mix of glass ornies and stitched ornies together.  In the meantime, I have a medium-sized swag that will be hanging from my curtain rail above the lounge window, and I’m going to hang Mum’s Santas from there this year.  Here’s a photo of my ornie tree that I took before I went on holiday – this is where I hang my gifts from friends plus a couple of ornies I’ve made myself over the last two years … as you can see, it won’t handle much more! 😉

2008 ornament tree 1

Talking of gifts, I remembered to take a photo of Karen’s incredible gift – you may remember she handed me her old Janome sewing machine … here it is in all its glory.  I brought home with me my old sewing machine feet and various attachments (walking foot, 1/4″ seam foot etc) from Mum’s, as I’d given them all to her when my old Janome died.  I’m looking forward to trialling this little beauty out after Christmas 😀

Janome from Karen

I also forgot to post a photo of my Snapperville piece all framed and on display in Karen’s shop – didn’t the framer do a wonderful job of it? I’m really pleased with the framing of this one, it’s just lovely … he usually tends to favour dark mats, which I think sometimes overpowers the piece, but this one suits it well 😀

Snapperville framed

Now, I guess I should quickly do a spot of unpacking so I can get a photo of Katrina’s beautiful ornie, then it’s time to start on those other chores for the day …

9 thoughts on “A short post for a change!”

  1. Oh Anne! When you said Karen had given you an old sewing machine, I certainly didn’t expect to see something like that! It’s great! It’s the same machine that I bought for my DD off Ebay ($90 major barg). A fabulous machine…I use it sometimes instead of lugging my heavy one around the place. And all your feet will fit which is sooooo wonderful. I love Janome (can you tell??). 🙂

  2. Wow, it sure looks like you had a great trip. The Pohutukawa’s did come out early this year, but the weather is atrocious at the moment and is not meant to be good for Christmas. Here’s hoping it improves shortly! Glad the weather was great for your trip though.

    I love your Snapperville piece all framed up, very nice.

  3. Was brilliant meeting you and your Mum Anne, and I sure hope it wont be long before we meet again. Your trip to the lovely Hawkes Bay looked great and of course the food…..! Wahoo. I got to Heirlooms today to see the Christmas things, it was really pretty and Sherelyn shared a cuppa and some Christmas cake. She always does such a great job of showing off her home and all the lovely things she does.

    Merry Christmas to you….

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