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Housewarming Party

I forgot all about adding a couple of photos from a Housewarming Party I went to on Saturday night (what a social butterfly I was this last weekend – very very unusual for me!) … here are a couple of photos taken of me with friends during the evening (I’m the one in the blue top – how unusual LOL).

Alex, Anne and Lisa

Nat, Katie and Anne

Anne, Katie and Lisa

And just to prove this is still a stitching blog, here’s my bit of stitching from Sunday night and late yesterday afternoon – LHN’s “Home Sweet Home” on 28ct cream Jazlyn (I think it’s Jazlyn) (stitched in pink, so obviously this one isn’t for me teehee).  Even though I don’t enjoy stitching in pink normally, I DO love the Pink Peony darker pink colour in this one … and have to admit I’d almost be tempted to keep this one, except I already have visions of re-stitching it in scrummy blues 😉  This one, however, is destined to live with Karen at The Stitching Post in Katoomba – finished as a cushion like the cover model.  I’ve bought what I hope is the most perfect finishing fabric, but time will tell when it’s stitched up 🙂

LHN-Home Sweet Home 06Oct08

I’ve had a couple of pieces where I’ve ironed the fabric all ready for stitching, and the kits all sitting in a shopping bag – I’ve got the fabric hanging up on a “skirt hanger” to keep the pieces crisp and flat, so I’ve been working my way through those pieces before starting on anything else.  I still have a serious urge to start some other pieces, especially a Halloween piece, but want to get some of these hung-up projects finished off.  This LHN piece was one of those projects – as was Just Nan’s Evening Star and Drawn Thread’s Garden Recipe … at least this project I’m actually enjoying stitching!  The remaining two projects with fabric hung up are Victoria Sampler’s Crimson Fire sampler and Calico Crossroads’ Spring cushion – then the fun starts again deciding “what next” … although I’m thinking of using a “pick a number” system like I used to do with my UFO’s, then I don’t have to actually decide!  We’ll see what I feel like when I finish this one … ‘cos tomorrow’s another day! LOL 😀

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  1. I LOVE think pink house, I may have to do one of those myself! Party looks like great fun – is the Lisa in the photos your flatmate Lisa?

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