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Stitching-free home

Unfortunately work has been frantic for a change … I was on my own again for the latter half of last week, and as per normal when that happens dramas abound ho-hum.  Anyway, I was so shattered over the weekend, which is my normal stitching haven time, I didn’t even pick up a needle, and haven’t done so for almost a week.  Instead I moved the furniture around in my bedroom, in readiness for more unpacking and getting more ‘settled’, and probably helped get a bit of tired frustration out of my system.

My secondment at work is coming to an end in November, which is a worrying close 4 months away now – I’m so settled in Sydney I really don’t want to go back to Melbourne (although I miss some friends in Melbourne dearly – hi Sharon and Tannia especially!!) … but I guess I have to go where they tell me to go.  I just have my fingers crossed that my secondment gets extended.  Mind you with redundancies occurring around the place I should probably be happy to continue to have a job wherever I end up in November!

Even though I don’t have any physical stitching to share (I haven’t even managed to get my scissor keeper finished, and that is SUCH a quick stitch!) … I do have some wonderful mail to share instead.

Firstly thanks so much to Coral for a really awesome trade – I definitely got the best part of the deal, and truly love this design!  I hadn’t looked at it too seriously until I saw it stitched up last year, and then loved it.  Thanks again Coral for offering the trade, it’s just wonderful! 🙂

Trade with Coral

Then I had a recent mad stash splurge from Nordic Needle – I only wanted to buy a Dololly for Mum, but they were the only online store that I could find that sold it … here’s a piccie of it – Mum chose the turtle design, which wouldn’t have been my first choice, but when it arrived I have to admit I think they’re quite gorgeous! 🙂

Turtles 2

Seeing as NN charge USD15 just for handling charges PLUS the postage costs, I figured I might as well make the most of it and ordered a few more items that are really difficult/expensive in Aussie … here’s the entire haul – unfortunately I stuffed up the order for Mill Hill Treasures as I miscounted the packets needed (these are pretty much all for the Enchanted Mermaid by Mirabilia).  I was very restrained and only bought one chart (Reflecting Pools by Laura J Perin – a canvaswork design) – I still have a number of items on backorder from Dragonfly Dreams (charts and threads), so I tried to stick to just needlework tools and things I can’t buy here.  It’s hard to see from the photo what everything is, so I’ll list it:  The Laura J Perin design; JCS ornament preview issue; Mill Hill colour chart; fabric for TW’s Tropical Dream (off-white, unfortunately, as they didn’t have the bone colour); 32ct vintage mocha Belfast linen; Flossaway bags (can never have enough of those!); a beading box to trial it for MH beads; needlework awl; laying tool; pair of Seaford scissors (for What a Hoot! scissor keeper); Star de-tailor; 18ct eggshell mono canvas.

Stash 21Jul08 1

Stash 21Jul08

Last, but certainly not least, is the absolutely gorgeous gift that Susan sent me recently – I just realised this morning that I hadn’t posted a piccie of it online yet, so I decided to rectify that oversight.  I’m sure you can tell why I adore it so much … such a CUTE little duckie!!!!!  I just love, love, love it to death 😀

Gift from Susan

Little Duckie fob

The last photo I have to share is purely for Mum’s benefit … but you might find the hanging display in the background of interest – I bought this hanger from Berrima when Mum was visiting, thinking it would be great to hang my scissor and fob collection until I can afford to get a proper glass display cabinet … I think it’s quite fun having them all hung up (although a couple of pairs are still missing ‘cos they’re currently in use).  The only fobs I’ve stitched myself are on the far left hook – all the others are treasured gifts or exchanges … I love every single one of them!  As you can see, I was still catching up on season 2 of Supernatural last night! 😉

TV and scissor hanger

And on that note I’ll sign off for the night.  It’s likely to be another busy week, so don’t expect too much from me online for the rest of the week … I’ll try to set some time aside this coming weekend to get the needle moving a small amount so I don’t forget how it works 😉

PS:  Just got the latest newsletter from Karen at Dragonfly Dreams – check out the Scissoroo scissors on the home page … they ROCK!!!!! 😀

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  1. Yes, it’s a pity that NN has such high charges for those of us living outside the US. But you did a wonderful job making the best of the shipping charges – LOL!! 😀

  2. Oh Anne I have been watching the unfolding of events with your employer and I too wondered to what effect it would have on you… I miss you too but I have thought from the start of your ‘Great Adventure” that you may not come back here.. I am just sorry I haven’t made it up to you as yet – life behind the scenes down here has been hectic to say the least… Your stash looks great – I am off to the Quilt show on Thursday but my goodies bag will be a lean one as E has a birthday virtually on top of it… But I do like looking at what other people buy – it makes me feel less guilty – go figure!!!! Love to you…

  3. What great stash additions you’ve made. I hope things work out with your employers and that you can stay on where you are.

  4. Oh, I do love those scissoroos!!

    Hmm, maybe my birthday present – yup I haven’t had one yet!

    Thank you for a great swap!!

  5. Those Scisseroos are very cute! Great stash haul, and I love the way you’re displaying your scissors. I don’t know what a “secondment” is, though LOL

  6. Goodness, you’ve had quite a little stashing party, haven’t you? 😉 I hope that you will get some time to enjoy all of it soon, instead of being so frantic at work. I LOVE Dragonfly Jewels, so if you want to SAL on it at some point, just let me know. BTW, check out my blog; I nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award.

  7. Anne, I do exactly the same thing when I order from overseas! I just have to get my DH to “get” it. LOL

    I love those Scissoroos, they’re on my wishlist now 🙂

  8. Hi Anne,

    Great pics…justt thought I would let you know that you have been given an award by me in addition to the one by Carol…!

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