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Photo Hunt – What IS that?

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This week’s theme is “What IS that?” and quite frankly I’m stumped with what to use … rather than not post anything at all, however, I’ll show you this photo …


As for what it is?  It’s called a Dragonfruit … to be honest I personally think it tastes bland and very very uninteresting – I’ll try most things once if they intrigue me, but this will definitely stay on the “once” list!  Unless of course anyone can give me tips on how to eat it – we ate it raw as it is … ho-hum …

12 thoughts on “Photo Hunt – What IS that?”

  1. I haven’t tasted nor bought a dragonfruit but I always see that in the produce section of the supermarket we go to.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I’ve had them a couple of times. I think they’re lovely – a bit like kiwi fruit. they are really pretty thought aren’t they :o)

  3. I’ve heard of this fruit before, but never tried it.

    My ‘what is that’ is a sequence of photos to then at the last one, revealing what it all is. Happy weekend.

  4. I ran across Dragon fruit a few years ago when I was travelling – I agree with little cat – similar to kiwi.

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