Photo Hunt – Candy & some stitching

I’ve been a lazy slob today curling up on my bed with my laptop headphones on listening to another audiobook while stitching some more on Mirabilia’s Winter Queen. The book I’m reading now is “Dark Horse” by Tami Hoag … aside from the occasional bursts of language that have even ME turning grey, it’s an OK book so far – not the best I’ve ever read, but it’s kept me awake and stitching. I’ve been running downstairs to the laundry doing my week’s washing inbetween stitching and reading. I’ve managed to get to a stage on Winter Queen when I’m about to roll up the fabric on the scroll bars so I thought I’d take a WIP photo before I do … sorry but the quality is dreadful as it’s at night and I can’t find the battery charger of my ‘stitching camera’. Oh well, at least some of that dreadful white-on-white stitching has been done … almost one skein down, four left to go 😉

Mind you, the white may not be the death of me … it’s more likely to be the revolting Wisper thread – geez I detest that stuff!!!  But, hey, I only need 2 cards of the stuff for my Queen … 2 cards too many :/

At least her knees will be warm while she’s waiting to be finished! 😉

Winter Queen 17May08

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This week’s theme is “Candy” and I have to admit I almost didn’t bother posting because I couldn’t be bothered finding a photo or taking a new one – then as I was loading the WIP photo of Winter Queen I remembered the photo of the Peeps that Monique kindly sent me … et voila, you have Candy!! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Photo Hunt – Candy & some stitching

  1. Wisper – ewwww! 😀 I’m using it on Royal Holiday. I just don’t see the point – it doesn’t make that much difference and it’s so hard to stitch with! My back is fluffier than the front. She’s looking wonderful though 🙂

  2. Yes, a Queen should have warm knees! I’ve never used the Wisper threads, but I can imagine how difficult it would be to work with.

  3. You’ve really made a lot of progress with the white on white. It might be a bear to stitch, but it looks great. 🙂

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