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A bit of royal stitching

I’ve been managing to get a few stitches into Winter Queen this week … I suppose any little bit is better than nothing!  This is how she looked before I put her away in January 2007:

Winter Queen at 27Jan07

And this is how she looks now (minus her head, ‘cos that’s now hiding under my scroll bar!):


I’m glad to see the beading all done, but now I’m facing the eternal swirls of the skirt part of her dress … endless miles of white stitching on white linen – I’d better start stocking up on wine in readiness!!! 😉

12 thoughts on “A bit of royal stitching”

  1. She is absolutely stunning, Anne!! Fantastic photos too. It’ll be worth having to stitch all that white in the end. 🙂

  2. I’m suprised that you do the beading as you go – I always leave it until last, but that might be because I use a 6″ hoop. Can you tell I don’t bead much?

    She’s looking lovely!

  3. I have these charts, but I never started them. Winter has always been my favorite of the series, and yours is gorgeous!!! I also really liked the JN piece that you finished recently. Too cute.

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