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Accident in the kitchen

Well, the pumpkin soup is essentially finished, but not put through the blender yet … I ended up getting Lisa to heat up a can of soup for me to eat with some homemade damper fresh from the oven.  It didn’t get finished because Lisa couldn’t stand the smell of the soup (it has a teaspoon of cumin in it, and she can’t bear the smell apparently!).  Anyway, the reason I couldn’t get to finish it myself is because I had a small accident in the kitchen with the meat cleaver! 

All limbs are still attached, but I did manage to slice right through the nail in the middle of my finger (the finger next to my little finger, thankfully on my left hand) … luckily my reflexes kicked in a bit so I managed to not take the top of my finger off!  Needless to say there was a fair bit of blood, and I broke out in a nauseous sweat thinking I was going to pass out.  But after I stopped the bleeding, I called out to Lisa to give me a hand with some Savlon and a large band-aid.  She wanted to take me to see a doctor, but I figured the bleeding had stopped, and they could hardly stitch it, so there was no point.  The nail itself seems to be sliced right through, but as long as I keep something covering it while it grows out, I figure it should be alright (although perhaps a tetanus shot may be worthwhile hmmm).

The pain was pretty intense for a while, but my nursemaid Lisa made me sit down and drink a soft drink to give me some sugar and fluids in my system (apparently I was as pale as a ghost).  I then had something to eat and took a couple of Nurofen and eventually the pain eased off, and is so far OK as long as I don’t touch the nail with anything.  I got stir-crazy and sat looking at my hand, and figured I just might be able to stitch (much to Lisa’s amazement as I’d been ordered to sit down and rest without doing anything … but I just couldn’t do it).  Anyway, sure enough it was a bit uncomfortable at first getting used to holding the needle differently so I didn’t touch that finger, but I actually managed to get a fair bit stitched tonight!  I think it helped to calm me and take my mind off my injury more than anything else!

Here’s the result of my stitching efforts tonight … I’m now hitting the hay after taking another couple of Nurofen to help me rest during the night.  Fingers crossed tomorrow it will still be relatively painfree, otherwise I just might have to make a visit to the local medical centre …

French Monogram III tuffet side 1
French Monogram III by Twisted Oaks Designs
Tuffet – front
stitched in DMC 115, on 32ct cream Belfast linen
(as usual at 1.30am the colours are not true to life)

13 thoughts on “Accident in the kitchen”

  1. Yikes… glad it wasn’t worse! Clever the way you decided to stitch something red in case you started to bleed again 🙂

  2. Oh goodness me, Anne!!! Definitely get it checked out if it is still bothering you in the morning.

    Lovely stitching by the way 🙂 It is amazing how we stitchers will still find a way to stitch – lol!

  3. I used to have an issue with cumin, too, after a friend made me a dinner of red cabbage fried with cumin. Uck. It doesn’t bother me now, though, so there’s hope for Lisa!

    As for your kitchen accident – YIKES! First Anna at Stitch Bitch, and now you. I’m staying out of my kitchen till further notice!!

  4. Ouch – I paled at the thought of that meat cleaver almost severing the top of your finger. Hope it gets better soon and until then stick to that red thread!

  5. Sounds scary. I sliced off the very top of one of my index fingers a few years ago, so I know of what you speak.

    I’m sorry that you couldn’t make the pumpkin soup – you’ll have to try next time when Lisa isn’t around!

  6. It must definitely be going around, first Anna now you! I hope it is ok soon, and not painful! Great start on the new piece though!

  7. Eek! That sounds awful! Make sure you take care of it, okay? We don’t need you losing a finger or anything. I’m glad that you’ve figured out how to stitch around it, though. Priorities, ya know!

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