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Fair Trading Commission

The heading shows who I’ll be raising a dispute through very very shortly – I’ve just had my goods help up for ransom by the thieving bastards who were delivering – they’ve been sitting outside for the last 2-3 hours while I’ve been spending up large on my mobile phone calling Fair Trading, the thieving bastards company, the ANZ, and Lisa … I’ve had absolutely no choice but to pay up front for extra costs $400+ or my goods were being removed and put into storage, and I was going to be charged for storage. 

Anyway, the fight isn’t over … my goods are finally being delivered, but they have broken their contract in a couple of different ways – even after the fact I’ll be taking this further – I don’t know how, but we’re not going to go quietly!  Quite frankly I’ve had the day from hell … I’ll put all the details on here when they’ve gone … I just needed to type this up quickly to vent a bit and get it off my chest 😦

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  1. Oh Anne, I really hope this will be the final hurdle for you. Good luck with sorting it out through the Fair Trading Commission, my fingers are tightly crossed for you.

  2. Oh Anne, this is terrible, they really are the company from hell….. is there a professional body for removalists in Australia (I can’t remember) that they have to be registered with and sets the rules of conduct etc? If so, I would contact them, because they will know what to do in cases like this and how to raise a complaint.

  3. {{{{{Anne}}}} What a nightmare! I’m really sorry that this is happening to you and I hope you can get a resolution very soon.

  4. *sigh*….and even bigger *sigh*

    Billy wants to know if you want him to go fix those boys up for you? How awful fo ryou darling….I do hope you get it sought out – there’s always A Current Affair/Today Tonight… Go get em girlie!

    Love and Blessings Me and the rest of the house 🙂

  5. Oh Anne {{{hugs}}} I’m so sorry and angry for you.

    Do you have the equivalent of Fair Go over there? Threaten them with TV exposure and you might get somewhere…

  6. Try small claims court (I did that when I was living in Melbourne).

    If that fails, create a website, using their name rather prominently, so that a google search for them will bring up *your* website. Keep everything legal, but chronicle the whole sordid story. It might not get you your money back, but it sure would cost them more than the extra $400 they got from you.


  7. Anne, it’s horrible that this has been your experience. It seems that this company is not at all professional if they lost their temper like that. Did he really swear? Totally unprofessional.

    Do you have anything like the Better Business Bureau in Australia? You have to report that company to someplace so that other people will not be taken in like that!

  8. I’ve heard of this happening and I was hoping that your transaction wasn’t going to go in that direction. Problem is, these guys have your stuff, so they can ask for whatever ransom they feel like. I hope that you get some restitution via the Fair Trading Commission. *hug*

  9. Blimey! Will it never end?!! They need a good, swift kick where the sun don’t shine!

    Hound them to the bitter end to get your money back sweetie.

  10. What an awful time you are having but don’t let it spoil the fact that you are in your new home and you have your belongings at long last. Now go sue the b********!

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