Final Update to the Moving Saga … hopefully

I didn’t write anything in a post yesterday, but there was an additional drama late yesterday afternoon with Dodgey Brothers R Us … they turned up at Lisa’s place without calling her and just picked up what was in the hallway at the time, leaving the items that were still inside her flat right where they were. They were supposed to call Lisa ½ an hour before pick-up so that someone could be there to let them in (Lisa is at a 5-day conference at the moment). To say that Lisa was ropable was a huge understatement!!

By the time Dodgey Brothers answered her phone call, they were 2 ½ hours outside Melbourne and refused to go back … there was a bit of altercation between the driver and Lisa and the driver apparently lost his temper and said he’d had enough of our sh*t and he was just going to put it all in storage and have nothing further to do with it … OMG, is all I could think when Lisa was telling me the story …

I decided not to push things further than they already were, and waited until mid-morning today to call the driver up – to say he had calmed down could be a fib … he was still incredibly angry and ranted for a wee while. Eventually I managed to calm him down a bit, and tried to explain a couple of things that he brought up … and managed to get him to agree that he would be likely to be dropping the stuff off tomorrow morning. I’m trying to stay calm and collected and not wind him up, until the goods are physically in my hot little hands (and in my hot little apartment), and then we have to negotiate the price – ie I have to pay for the little truck, and he has to knock off the goods that he didn’t bring of Lisa’s. That part of the day I’m really not looking forward to. I’m just in a really mellow mood, and don’t want to have a blood-boiling argument … but we’ll see what happens. At least he’d calmed down enough by the time he finished speaking to me that he’s back to delivering the goods again, and not putting them into storage … Nothing in my life is ever simple haha 😉

Anyway, my stitching stuff is still all over the place, and not unpacked yet, as I’m waiting for my storage containers and drawers etc to arrive … so I’m just starting a new needleroll or two in the meantime – I’m nearly halfway through a Sweetheart Tree one (Wildflowers Needleroll), then I’ll be starting Shepherd’s Roll by Shepherd’s Bush for Dragonfly Dreams … which is perfect timing as I’ve just spent 4 hours today finishing off my needleroll class ready for next weekend … I worked on it for 3 hours this morning then lost the whole lot when I hit “publish” … an hour later tonight and it’s all back in again (and I remembered to take a copy of the HTML version before hitting “publish” … just in case 😉

Rightio, time to settle down and sit in my very expensive $9.95 chair from Big W and try to stitch for an hour while watching Night at the Museum … it was killing my back (and backside) sitting on the floor last night, so I decided to get something cheap and nasty to sit on for tonight. My table will be a suitcase and empty box for my laptop to sit on … ah, such luxury hahaha.

Hopefully when I post tomorrow, I’ll be sitting among a disarray of furniture and boxes!!! 😀

10 thoughts on “Final Update to the Moving Saga … hopefully”

  1. Anne – you said it – your life is never straight forward!!! Lots of love and hugs your way…

    I am undergoing a HUGE de cluttering here – there is nothing safe at the moment I have become merciless – I am so tired of the clutter… I think when P and I were planning to move at Christmas the grim reality hit that we were going to need a fleet of trucks to move the junk… So everything that doesn’t have some merit is off to the op-shop… By the way I found a little gold bee charm stitchery of your that you lent me … I shall bring it up with me when I come -I don’t trust the mail!!!!! Ok sweetheart i hope that everything works out well for you tomorrow… Sharon (Melbourne)

  2. Oh Anne I don’t envy you. I’m having my bedroom re-fitted and there is enough clutter and disorganization to last me a life time. To move everything would be a total nightmare for me. I hope things turn out OK, I’m sure they will and you will be laughing about your move in a couple of months time.

  3. Anne, Try to be calm when he finally shows up. It will make the event easier for you. Get some sleep tonight. Hugs, Kathy

  4. When you have all your furniture, and have the moving company out paid off, you’ll have to post the name of the company online, so everyone will know not to deal with them.

    I hope Lisa’s remaining stuff will fit in the back of a car or something, or will you have to hire another truck?

    I can’t wait to see a picture of you sitting amongst all your boxes!

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