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The moving blues …

… Yep, just when you think everything is moving along beautifully, something has to happen to kick that grin off your face … darn you Murphy and your blasted Law!!  I had a phone call from ‘Dodgey Brothers R Us Removals’ (not their actual name, to protect the not-so-innocent!) … saying that they can no longer deliver my furniture on Saturday, but ‘hopefully’ it will be Monday … aaaaarghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I won’t go into the details, but I’ve been a bit nervous about a few things with them over the last few days – so much so that I was considering flying down to Melbourne just to make sure everything was inventoried correctly etc … but that’s too long a story!

Let’s just say I went extremely quiet during the call, and that’s the sign that I’m literally seething and getting close to eruption status … after stating very calmly while rubbing my temples during the call that I’m unimpressed with the lack of notice and that I have no furniture in the flat and that I’m moving in today, I finally hung up the call then went downstairs to walk off the frustration for a few seconds before I told my colleagues what had gone off.  They demanded I call them back and have a hissy fit, but what good would it do?  I’m basically at their mercy until it arrives …

BUT, as per normal, I’m not the sort of person to let things get me down … I’m thinking about the positives this has brought about:

  1. I get the full day today to finish off packing my final things for moving tomorrow (I’m staying here an extra night with Brenda & Nigel, and I have the next 4 working days off as annual leave);
  2. I can get my last load of laundry done today as well before having to share a laundry tomorrow;
  3. I actually now have “5” days off work instead of the original 4 as I’ve requested another days leave to give me time to unpack – and I may even taken another off depending how late the furniture arrives on Monday;
  4. My aunt and uncle are passing through Sydney airport on the way home to Canada on Saturday, and it was going to be touch and go whether I could get out to the airport to see them, but now I shouldn’t have any problem doing that (I just hope I catch them, as they don’t know I’m coming!);
  5. I get an extra stitching/leisure day in the flat while waiting for the furniture to arrive … but I think I’ll have to pop out and buy a small table and chair to sit on instead of having to use the floor 24/7;
  6. I have more time to work out how to get into the darned garage at the flat – and I found Mortein insect bombs to use in there instead of having to spray … awesome!
  7. I get to see ER and the Amazing Race on TV before I move out – as I have no TV until the furniture arrives, I’ll be relying on DVD’s I’ve got with me to be played on the laptop;
  8. I have time to start reading the Time Traveller’s Wife to give it back to Brenda ASAP (it’s on loan from someone else).

So, you see, there’s always something to be grateful for when everything turns pear shaped!  No point getting upset over it, that’ll just give you ulcers … now I’m off to throw the washing in the machine, and head off to Bunnings and/or Ikea to go furniture shopping (there’s a cheap cane chair and table set for a patio at Bunnings, which could work well, and will be nice on the balcony afterwards).

So, no stitching today as originally planned … I’m off shopping and packing instead 😀

BTW, in case you weren’t aware, I’m holding a Needleroll Class over at the Focus on Finishing blog 26-27 January – hope you can join me! Another positive, I managed to source and add a whole lot of needleroll information onto the blog this morning as well 😀

Now, before I go, let me just say thank you for all the comments about my little flat – unfortunately the photos actually make the place look better (and bigger) than it actually is … especially the bathroom, which is quite small (the bath isn’t a full-size bath, it’s like a half-bath/shub, if that makes it easier to visualise).  But I don’t care, it’s ours all ours and that’s all that matters … and even in really nasty traffic last night it only took me 30 minutes to get there to unload another bootful of belongings – sheer heaven!  To answer a question, though, before I forget – there is no refrigerator there in the kitchen, because over here you have to provide all the appliances (including the fridge) yourself.  There sometimes may not be curtains either (personally I’ll be putting my chiffons up in the lounge again just to add a bit of colour, even though there are venetian blinds on all the windows.

Rightio, I’d better stop waffling and get moving – time to get motivated and get things done before the whole day disappears!

13 thoughts on “The moving blues …”

  1. I’m glad you were able to see the bright side of the whole situation. I hope that the furniture arrives safely.

    As far as curtains – I’ve been living in my apartment for close to 4 years. We have two windows in the whole apartment (they are *huge* windows), and I’ve never had a window covering of any kind (curtains or blinds) in the whole 4 years. I guess I never worried about it as I’m on the 20th floor, and don’t look into another building, except from a specific angle in each room.

  2. You have to provide your own appliances here, too. And speaking of small, we rented a flat in Den Haag that was so small that we couldn’t fit even a small fridge in the kitchen – we had to stick it in the hallway! Even a ‘shub’ would’ve been a luxury. Oh well – it may be small, but it’s home! 😀 Good luck getting your furniture there on Monday – I’ll keep fingers and toes crossed!

  3. Sometimes I think all removalists are part of this huge Dodgey Family…. bravo for concentrating on the positives, though. Re appliances etc, in France, you don’t get anything in an unfurnished flat, in fact, no kitchen cupboards even, certainly no stove, probably not even a loo seat, and there will be wires dangling from the ceiling where the light fittings should go!

    I hope you have a great break from work, removalists etc notwithstanding.

  4. Glad you’re able to see the positives in this, but I would have been fuming too! Fingers crossed that they will actually deliver on Monday for you!

  5. Sorry to hear about your problems with your movers but I’m glad you’ve been able to see the positive side. Enjoy your stitching time 🙂

  6. We didn’t have furniture for almost 3 months when we moved from Japan to California. We bought a mattress and boxsprings when we got here so we wouldn’t have to sleep on the floor, plus we had a breakfast bar in our place so bought a couple of barstools. Sitting on the floor next to a bright window is a perfect stitching spot. I used to sit on my pillow to cushion the floor, LOL. We’ve been living in our place for 6 years and have never put curtains up!

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