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Oh heck – I made a big boo-boo!!!

Note to self – don’t post your new address on the blog until you’re 100% concentrating and awake!!!  My address is NOT PO Box 1306, but rather PO Box 688!!!  Sorry ’bout that – a seriously major blonde moment!!  Now you know why I don’t blog at the moment – I’m usually too shattered to think about it … and that’s the result!!  Doh!!!

Anyway, just a really quick post again, to post some stitching piccies while I get the chance – I finally managed to put the finishing touches to these FUFO’s a week ago:




That may end up being the only ornie finished by me this year … such is life I guess …

Also, here’s the latest two finished blocks of Snapperville, plus the teensy start on block #5 – you’d never believe it’s taken two weeks to stitch just this part, would you?  Yep, smokin’ needles is definitely a thing of the past for me for the timebeing – the only stitching I’ve been getting is about 2 hours on Sunday night ho-hum 😦



13 thoughts on “Oh heck – I made a big boo-boo!!!”

  1. Good thing I haven’t posted your card yet 😉

    I know how commuting takes it out of you so you don’t have any energy left. Something simple to stitch like Snapperland is just the thing and it looks great. Lovely finishing too 🙂

  2. I thought it was a real coincidence that you got the same po box number, lol! Change duly noted.

    I know it’s difficult to find stitching time with your commute and learning a new job. I think you’ll acclimate and find a new norm for yourself pretty soon. 😀 Are you getting in much reading while commuting?

  3. Hi, Miss Anne!! I think of you often and wonder what on earth has recently befallen you! Have you seen my recent blog entry? I think I must see that you receive a McGoblin very soon!! Love your new stitchings. Wishing you the very best holidays and all the good things in the coming year. I’ll be chatting with you! Love and hugs, Deb

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