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Still here …

Just no time to sit at the computer … commuting is really taking it out of me, and I don’t seem to have any real spare time these days.  So 1000 apologies but I’ve had no time to catch up on emails, or blogs, or anything really … I’ll be back again when I have more to share, and time to share it!

In the meantime, I can say I finally have a PO Box in Sydney now – after a major error from Australia Post (that I don’t have time to go into now) … I’m sorry I don’t have time to post an email to everyone just yet, so I’m posting the new address here in the interim (I’ll do proper change of address notices as soon as I get chance to breathe).  My new mailing address is:

 (same name obviously)
PO Box 688
Mascot, NSW 1460

Now I’m off out for the day shopping with Brenda – I’ve decided last minute to go to our work’s Christmas party tonight, and need to buy a top (all my summer clothes are in storage in Melbourne, so I’m desperately in need of clothing right now!) – and I’m off to Quakers Hill to find kiwi munchies and L&P!!

Will be back soon with an update hopefully … no stitching done yet, though, so not a great deal to show and tell … although I did complete the finishing off of two quilted wallhangings for Christmas – will take a photo as soon as I can.

Hope everyone out in blogland is surviving the last few weeks before Christmas – I may not be online, but you are in my thoughts! {{hugs}}

8 thoughts on “Still here …”

  1. Anne, it’s so great to hear from you. I have been thinking of you lately (mainly because I’m contemplating finally making a start on one of the lovely charts you sent me – for the birds!) I hope the commute becomes easier for you and we see more of you soon!

  2. Thanks for posting that, Anne – I’ve been wanting to ask you if you got a postal address up there.

    Have fun at the party!

  3. Hello Anne Darling 🙂

    Good news – I got a new job! Still in the city but I will be much happier. I do hope you settle in soon! I’ve been thinking of you heaps wondering how you’re doing…

    Billy says hello too sweety – we miss you 🙂

    Thanks for your mailing address – expect a littile somethind from us soon 🙂

    Love Tannia and Bill!

  4. Good to hear you’re doing OK. Have a great time at the party and have a wonderful Christmas. See you in the New Year. 🙂

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