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Bye-bye to Melbourne

Sorry, no time to write … am frantically trying to pack up the boot of the car etc ready for a 4am wake-up call to finish off the final packing and heading off to work for a 6am shift (the final one!).  Then tomorrow lunchtime we take the journey up north … will try to write more either on the road or in Sydney – just haven’t had time to sit at the computer this week at all.  I promise photos etc very very soon!!!

 Now I’m off to pack up the laptop for the journey as well … hooroo!! 🙂

23 thoughts on “Bye-bye to Melbourne”

  1. Bye Anne! Forgot to tell you I picked up the ducks from Tannia, thankyou 🙂 Did you get the GC for them yet?

    Have a great trip up and hope you get settled in soon. Take care!

  2. Anne- I came across your blog a long while ago, and it has become one of my favorites. Good luck on your journey! I’ll wait anxiously for updates!


  3. Drive safe and have fun! I’m so glad your mother is there to share your adventures with you. We eagerly await your adventures in Sydney.

  4. Have a safe journey Anne. Looking forward to hearing all about it, and about your first day in your new job very soon. A very brave thing to do :o)

  5. Hope you have a safe trip 🙂 It has to be so exciting to be heading off on a new chapter of your life! Looking forward to updates soon 🙂

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