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Here is a photo of some classic cars (post-war vintage) at a car rally held in Auckland – the photo is taken in front of the Auckland Museum, and the cars are all Armstrong-Siddeleys. Dad has only just recently got rid of our old car, which is the blue and black one, 2nd in from the left. We had some great times with the Car Club in my younger days, and I was even Editor of the National Magazine for a while – not bad going for someone who knows nothing about cars! 😉

Classic cars - Armstrong Siddeleys

7 thoughts on “PhotoHunt – Classic”

  1. Those are beautiful and very classic cars. That’s interesting about your editing the magazine. I hope that you have a happy weekend.

  2. I just wanted to say congrats on your promotion!!!! And good luck with the move and your new job!!! It’s really great to see something so wonderful happen to such a great gal as you! You have had some rough times in the recent past, money wise and then your home practically crumbling to bits around you, crack by crack, and it is so nice to see that things are looking up for you! If anyone deserves it, Anne, you do!

    I love your blog!

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