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Not much happening …

I’ve actually been struggling with a head cold the last few days, and ended up taking Wednesday night off work as I could hardly talk on Wednesday morning – spending the day in my PJ’s curled up on the sofa with Muffy seemed to do the trick, though, as by later Wednesday evening I felt loads better.  My voice is still a little croaky and weird, but I’m not as bunged up anymore.  I was supposed to have two hours overtime before work yesterday and today but I cancelled it, not wanting to push myself and make myself even more sick.  There’s waaaay too much to do to be sick while trying to do it! 😉

I chatted to Mum on Wednesday evening, and the outcome is that she’s flying over on Sunday to come spend the final week and a half in Melbourne with me.  The next two weeks will be spent frantically trying to catch up with people inbetween my crappy shifts before the big moving day.  The big boss can’t let me cash in all my Luv Ya Work awards in one day, as that would set a precedent (fair enough, I thought I was pushing it … still think they could have covered me to have two extra days off though so I wouldn’t have to cash them in hmmm) – so Mum and I will be hitting the highway up to Sydney on Thursday 8 November at 12 noon.  I’m on a 6am shift that day, and I have a carpark spot under the building at work so the car will be packed to the gunnels in the morning – poor Mum will just have to come into work for a while then wander round the shops to keep busy … it’s a good thing she reads and that she cross-stitches now, so she will have something to keep her amused 😉

So far the only ‘free’ days I have are this weekend, Sat and Sun – Sat I’m possibly driving back from Seaford back over to Airport West (I have to wait for a phone call to see if they need me a day early), and Sun I’m off to pick Mum up from the airport (so fingers crossed I’ll be at Airport West by then!) in the early morning.  We’ll then be heading over to Tannia’s around lunchtime for my final stitchy catch-up.  Then I’m back to 3pm-11pm shifts for 3 days, but having Mum here means we can spend the mornings seeing a couple of things locally that we haven’t managed to do yet, and just chill out or a couple of days.

Then I’m off again on Thu 1 and Fri 2 Nov – back over to the other side of the world on Thu to visit Len & Carole (Frazier’s folks) during the afternoon, then Phil & Dawn in the evening (one in Lilydale and one in Croydon).  Fri will be spent in the storage unit going through whatever boxes and suitcases I can reach and loading up the car, before heading back into the city to have dinner with Fraze and Jason while we’re listening to Tannia and her band sing.

Alas, then it’s back to work again on Sat – although I’m invited to a party at a work colleague’s place not far from work that I “must” attend (they’re having a race day party seeing as we’re coming into racing carnival stride here in Melbourne when cup fever hits!) – it’ll be a nice way to say cheerio to a few friendly faces.  At this stage I’ve requested Sun 4 Nov off as annual leave, which I think they’ve actually approved (shock, horror) although it’s not confirmed in the register yet – if that’s the case Mum and I are driving over to Arthur’s Seat to see the gardens I went to a couple of months back now the flowers will be in bloom – it will be wonderful to see how different they both will be.  We’re also hoping to catch up with Sharon during this time as well, if it can be organised.

Of course Mon 5-Thu 8 Nov I’m at work every day – I may having a quick drink at the local pub on Mon 5 Nov for my farewell, as that’s the only chance I’ll get, but I’m undecided whether to or not.  I’d probably prefer to go somewhere to dinner with my favourite pals from work, but it’s much harder to organise.  Tue 6 Nov is Melbourne Cup Day, and I move to 6am shifts on Wed, so no chance of doing much on that Tuesday.  Wed will be spent packing up the car pretty much – my house owners aren’t sure if they will getting back on Wed or Thu … seeing as I can’t get the Thu off now, that causes a bit of a problem – it means we may have to get a cabin or something on Wed night, but I’ll cross that bridge closer to the time.  Hey, you never know work may feel sorry for me and come to the party and give me the day off … yeah, I know, there’s more chance of me becoming President of the United States!!! 😀

My apologies to anyone I won’t have chance to catch up with – as you can see, it’s a pretty rushed itinerary over the next two weeks, and only so much I can cram into it.

Anyway, enough waffling on … there’s housework to be done … I’m waiting for a text message from the house owners from this house to see if they got on the flight out of Hong Kong today – if not, I’m here for another night, but if so I’ll have to pack up my car before work so I can drive to Seaford after midnight tonight … ah, the fun and games of housesitting for airline staff travellers 😉

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  1. Looks like you are leaving the unfriendly management in the Melbourne office, just in time! What idiots to not grant you time off to relocate. If you ever come back to Melbourne I hope you will be in charge of the inconsiderate twits. Why not? Sydney is a promotion, hopefully the first of many to come.

  2. Sorry to hear that work are being so awkward about you taking some extra time off – hope the next place treats you better 😦 I hope you’re feeling better soon and that the next two weeks aren’t *too* hectic!

  3. Oh my goodness, it makes me dizzy reading all you have to do! I’m glad your Mum’s coming over to help, specially glad that you’ll have company on the drive to Sydney. Look after yourself now, and don’t get any more colds.

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