Ebay dramas & energy drain

Excuse the venting of this post … but I truly do need to vent!  I am currently in the process of a dispute resolution case on PayPal for an item I purchased – it was for a pair of scissors … and the item that was received was not the item that I paid for.  After “contacting seller” twice requesting a resolution to this error, I receive no response.  After 1 1/2 weeks of sending my first email I’m getting a little bit antsy after paying money out for a pair of scissors I did not ask for.  After no response I decide to file for a “dispute resolution” case … it’s amazing that all of a sudden – out of the blue – I get a response immediately from the seller.  He’s peeved because I left negative feedback for him, and now whining that he never received my previous emails, and he’s been busy etc – while he’s acknowledged the error and apologised he now wants me to retract my negative feedback, and tonight I received a dispute claim against me for withdrawal of the feedback.  Admittedly he’s come to the party and is sending the correct scissors now, and will refund me for the postage of sending the others back (well, let’s just say he’s said he will!) … but the feedback I left was because of receiving the incorrect goods and more than anything else the lack of communication.

As far as I’m concerned buying and selling is a business contract – I always pay for my goods immediately on receiving my invoice and complete my end of the bargain promptly and efficiently … all I expect from the other end is prompt posting and the correct item I paid for … and if required prompt communication.  As I said to him in all of my responses (so far it’s going backwards and forward like a bl**dy tennis match tonight, which is just starting to make my blood boil over and make me dig my toes in), all I needed was an email of acknowledgement to put my mind at rest.  I told him to put himself in my shoes and see it from a new customer’s perspective – I receive the wrong item, and try over 1 1/2 weeks to get an acknowledgement from the seller via email, but receive nothing in response … you wouldn’t be a happy camper either.

Bl**dy amazing how his email is working all of a sudden when it’s gone to dispute resolution!!  It’s probably not a good thing posting this here, but I needed to vent … it’s really left a rotten taste in my mouth for the evening!  If he thinks he’s getting that feedback withdrawn, he’s got another think coming!!!  I’m happy to go through the mediation process, seeing as the seller has apparently coughed up money to do so, but I’m still comfortable with my feedback – as far as I’m concerned my feedback was relevant to the lack of service I received 😦

Phew, vent over … now I just have to sit back and wait for a mediator to contact me regarding the feedback withdrawal … but I still stand by my original feedback.  The seller made a couple of digs at me in his last response, but I refuse to get into a personal attack situation … I’m stickin’ to the facts as I know ’em, and that’s it … mutter mutter mutter 😦

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  1. What a pain re: the Ebay problem. I hope it is sorted out soon. Don’t waste too much energy on that guy, it’s not worth it!

    Congrats re: your move to Sydney! (Sorry I’m so far behind!) I’m so excited for you!

  2. It is not your job to give a pass to bad sellers. I got three negative ratings from a seller who refused to send me the shipping costs for three items, even though I paid for the items immediately and was waiting for the shipping costs to complete the transaction. She was unorganized and lied to Ebay and to me. Like you, I was furious at the time and totally ticked off at undeserved negative ratings (my first and only negative ratings), but that was three years ago now. Time is too precious to worry too much about the dysfunctional. In the long run if they cannot run a business correctly, they will shortly be out of business. Keep his negative ratings and move on.

  3. I find the ebay feedback system to be one big farce, frankly. There are too many problems with the system for it to really be useful anymore. Hope you get the problem sorted.

  4. I had a problem with an eBay seller too…after the dispute for items never received…they finally got around to contacting the seller for a refund…only he had taken the money and run. Every time I log into PayPal, I see the unresolved issue, because there is no money in his account to complete the refund. It burns me up just thinking about it!

  5. Anne, I think you’re in the right here. If you’d written something personal about him in the feedback then he should expect it to be removed. But he made a mistake & sent the wrong item. That’s a fact and nothing was done on his end to resolve it. He now should wear that feedback….tough tits to him.

  6. You are in the right – stick to your guns!!

    I have had bad ebay experiences too, and I have also had the sad “I was in hospital” story, and still have never recived my goods!

    These dudes deserve their bad feedback!

  7. Well we’re in the middle of a dispute too. It’s not great is it? Looking more closely at our seller’s feedback a lot of it is fake. I guess we live and learn. Just hope we can get our money back 😦

  8. Hope you manage to get this all sorted out. I agree with the others though. The negative feedback should stay. I heard there was a way some of these sellers ‘buy’ their positive feedback to make themselves look good. Don’t know how true it is.

  9. I’ve not bought or sold on e-bay; however, service is service … if it was not good, so be it.

    As for the Herbal Sachet, if you started it today … I swear you’ll finish your project before I finish mine LOL. I just needed a break from ‘x-ing’ everything. I get that way at times.

    I also have a project with all queen stitches that I may pull out when the ‘x’ is back on my last nerve.

    silly me [sigh]

  10. Anne – I’d like to send you an e-mail, but I can’t find your work e-mail address. Can you please send me an e-mail with the correct address to e-mail you? Thanks!

  11. At least you have the seller’s attention now. I bought an expensive scrapbooking album from an Australian seller who dropped off the face of the earth after the auction ended. The worst thing is that PayPal can only refund as much money as is in their PayPal account, plus they take a chunk out for fees, so I only got part of my money back. Anyway, I’ve been on eBay for 10 years and only had a problem with one seller, so those aren’t bad odds. 🙂

  12. I’ve been buying and selling on eBay for over 8 yrs and you do meet some oddballs. I just bought items as offered to me through second chance. I paid for them immediately and waited and emailed and waited. I filed a dispute and got my money back and low and behold, what showed up a month later, the items I ordered! I didn’t leave her FB, just sent her a check and a note about communication. As a seller, if the customer pays me pronto, they get immediate FB and I tell them when I will go to the post office. This seems to work.
    Good luck to you with your scissors-your case seems cut and dry.

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